Settlements and Necropoleis of the Black Sea and its Hinterland in Antiquity: Select Papers from the Third International Conference ‘The Black Sea in Antiquity and Tekkeköy: An Ancient Settlement on the Southern Black Sea Coast’, 27-29 October 2017, Tekkeköy, Samsun [Paperback]

Gocha R. Tsetskhladze(Editor); Sumer Atasoy(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789692068 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2020 | 316p, H11.5 x W8, 299 figures, 13 tables
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Settlements and Necropoleis of the Black Sea and its Hinterland in Antiquity


Settlements and Necropoleis of the Black Sea and its Hinterland in Antiquity contains a selection of some two dozen of the papers from an international conference held in October 2017 at Tekkeköy in Samsun, ancient Amisos, on the Turkish Black Sea coast. The archaeology sessions included presentations not only on the Tekkeköy/Samsun region but also on other parts of the Black Sea. They were presented by participants from Bulgaria, France, Georgia, Romania, Russia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The selection offered here includes almost all of the contributions on archaeology and ancient history. The papers cover all shores of the Black Sea, studying (once again), the establishment dates of some Greek colonies, East Greek transport amphorae, the Black Sea on the Tabula Peutingeriana, the history of Tekkeköy, a Sinopean from Tomis, imports at Açic Suat (Caraburun), arrowhead and dolphin-shaped monetary signs from Berezan, the pre-Roman economy of Myrmekion, the necropolis of Porthmion, Artyushchenko-1 settlement on the Taman Peninsula, South Pontic imports at Classical sites in Ajara, recent excavations in Gonio-Apsarus, the Alaca Höyük Chalcolithic culture in coastal settlements, the Baruthan Tumuli at Amisos, iron finds from the Fatsa Cıngırt Kayası excavations, new excavations at Amastris, ancient Sebastopolis, politics and diplomacy in Paphlagonia, the Great Göztepe tumulus in Paphlagonia, Amasya-Oluz Höyük, the Iron Age sites of Zile district, Byzantine finds at Komana, glass bracelets from Samsun Museum, and dating the Kavak Bekdemir Mosque in Samsun.

Table of Contents

Preface ; 
Once again about the Establishment Date of Some Greek Colonies around the Black Sea –
by Gocha R. Tsetskhladze
The Black Sea on the Tabula Peutingeriana –
by A.V. Podossinov
Archaic East Greek Transport Amphorae: Secure Advances and Muddles. An Assessment –
by Pierre Dupont

Tekkekoy: Land of Legends from Past to the Future –
by Sümer Atasoy
An Epigram for a Sinopean from Tomis –
by Alexandru Avram
Late Classical-Hellenistic Imports at Açic Suat (Caraburun) (4th-3rd Century BC) –
by Vasilica Lungu

The Chronology of Arrowhead and Dolphin-Shaped Monetary Signs from Berezan –
by Dmitry Chistov
Essay on the Economy of Myrmekion in Pre-Roman Times –
by Alexander Butyagin and Alexei Kasparov
The Necropolis of Porthmion (from the Excavations of 2004-2013) –
by M.Y. Vakhtina and P.G. Stolyarenko
Artyushchenko-1 Settlement on the Taman Peninsula (6th Century BC-4th Century AD) –
by Yurii A. Vinogradov

The Southern Pontic Import Discovered at Classical Period Sites in Ajara –
by Amiran Kakhidze and Emzar Kakhidze
A Brief Report on the Archaeological Excavations in Gonio-Apsarus, 2014-2017 –
by Shota Mamuladze and Kakhaber Kamadadze

The Traces of the Chalcolithic Culture of Alaca Höyük in the Coastal Settlements of the Central Black Sea Region of Turkey –
by Hulya Çalışkan Akgül
The Baruthane Tumuli at Amisos/Samsun –
by Sümer Atasoy
Evaluations of Iron Finds from the Fatsa Cıngırt Kayası Excavations –
by Ayşe Fatma Erol and Ertaç Yıldırım
New Archaeological Expeditions in the Ancient City of Amastris –
by Fatma Bağdatlı Çam, Ali Bora and Handan Bilici Altunkayalıer
The Ancient City of Sebastopolis in the Light of Archaeological Data and Inscriptions –
by Şengül Dilek Ful
Politics and Diplomacy in Paphlagonia –
by Manolis Manoledakis
A Great Tumulus from Paphlagonia –
by Şahin Yıldırım
The Land of Sacred Fire: Amasya – Oluz Höyük –
by Şevket Dönmez
An Overview of Iron Age Sites of Zile District –
by Mehmet Özsait and Nesrin Özsait
Evaluation of the Recent Finds at Komana from the Early and Middle Byzantine Period –
by Mustafa Nuri Tatbul and D. Burcu Erciyas
A Group of Glass Bracelets from Samsun Museum –
by Akın Temür and Özkan Özbilgin
Some Observations on the Dating of the Kavak Bekdemir Mosque in Samsun –
by E. Emine Naza Dönmez

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