Listening to the Stones: Essays on Architecture and Function in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries in Honour of Richard Alan Tomlinson [Paperback]

Elena C. Partida(Editor); Barbara Schmidt-Dounas(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789690873 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2019 | 280p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white (45 pages in color)
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Listening to the Stones: Essays on Architecture and Function in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries in Honour of Richard Alan Tomlinson


Listening to the Stones: Essays on Architecture and Function in Ancient Greek Sanctuaries in Honour of Richard Alan Tomlinson deals with a range of topics that relate to the broad scope of Richard Tomlinson’s archaeological quests and echoes his own methodology in research. Innovative masonry modes, matters of style and orders, proportions and design principles, as well as the inter-regional connections which fostered the transmission of architectural traditions and technical know-how have been cardinal points in Tomlinson’s writings and lectures, as much as the Greek foundations on foreign soil, the forethought in planning, achievements in the field of engineering and the interaction between the secular, the sepulchral and the sacred premises in an ancient city. The conservative or progressive attitudes of a society usually leave an imprint on architectural creations. So, architecture is subject to evolution along with the developing societies. Its gradual changing signifies the building programs taken up by ancient communities. Within this frame, we better comprehend the function of public edifices, the remodeling of cult sites in accordance with historic circumstances, the role of politics in architecture. This book is a token of appreciation for a British professor of archaeology, who spread knowledge of the Greek civilization, manifesting the brilliant spirit of the versatile ancient Greek builders.

Table of Contents

Preface – by Elena Partida and Barbara Schmidt-Dounas

Publications by Richard Alan Tomlinson

Emplekton - The Art of Weaving Stones – by Poul Pedersen

Ionic or Doric – by Barbara Schmidt-Dounas

Observations on the Interior Structure of Macedonian Tombs – by Stella Drougou

The Stoas of the Sanctuary at Dodona – by Nikolaos Th. Katsikoudis

Architectural Practice and the Distinctiveness of Sacred Sites – by Franziska Lang

Town and Sanctuary in Aetolia - Calydon in Context – by Søren Dietz

Politics Reflected on Architecture: An Evaluation of the Aetolian, the Pergamene and the Roman Input to the Religious Landscape at Delphi – by Elena C. Partida

From the Valley of the Muses Via the Kabeirion of Thebes to the Ptoion: The Theatres and Sanctuaries of Boeotia – by Marco Germani

Observations on the History and Topography of Two Major Sanctuaries of Poseidon and Zeus in Aigialeia of Achaea – by Dora Katsonopoulou

The Organization, Planning and Architectural Design of the Sanctuary of Zeus at Mount Lykaion, Arcadia – by David Gilman Romano

Reconstructing Building Height: The Early Hellenistic Hestiatorion Propylon at Epidauros – by Jari Pakkanen

Interpretation of the Current State of the Treasuries Retaining Wall at Ancient Olympia through Staged Historical Back Analysis – by Dimitrios Egglezos

Sacred Architecture in Roman Laconia – by Georgios Doulfis

More Corinthian on Samothrace – by Bonna D. Wescoat

The Sanctuaries on the Island of Lesbos from an Architectural and Topographical Perspective – by Yannis Kourtzellis

Shaping the Ancient Religious Landscape at Kato Phana, Chios – by Lesley A. Beaumont

Topographical Study of Ancient Cos: New Data from the Western District – by Giorgio Rocco

The Tufa Stoa in Cos: A Hypothesis on Its Identification – by Monica Livadiotti

Medicine, Urbanisation and Religion in Classical Cos – by Luigi M. Caliò

Temple and Hestiatorion. The Combined Edifice on Mount Çatallar Tepe (Turkey) – by Frank Hulek

The Role of Carians in the Development of Greek Architecture – by Abdulkadir Baran

Visualising Cyrene: Three-Dimensional (3D) Laser Scanning and the Ancient Urban Environment – by Gareth Sears and Vince Gaffney

New Evidence for Early Greek Settlement on the Acropolis of Selinunte – by Clemente Marconi

Travels Around Greece – by Tony Spawforth, Erica Davies and Marie-Christine Keith

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