The Army of the Roman Republic: The Second Century BC, Polybius and the Camps at Numantia, Spain [Paperback]

Mike Dobson(Author)

ISBN: 9781785703980 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 436p, H11 x W8.7, 282 illus
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The Army of the Roman Republic


The main source of archaeological evidence for Late Roman Republican camps is a complex of installations around the Iberian city of Numantia in Spain, excavated by Adolf Schulten in the early 1900s. This book reassesses Schulten and concludes that much of his interpretation is questionable. Radically different alternative reconstructions making use of recent fieldwork are presented for several of the sites. A discussion of dating evidence leads to alternative dates being offered for some of the camps. To aid interpreting the sites, army organization and art of encampment for the period of the Numantine Wars is discussed. This study gives added importance to the sites at Numantia, for they not only form the main source of archaeological evidence for Late Republican camps, but provide evidence for the form of camp for both the late manipular army and the early cohort one.

Table of Contents

1. The archaeological and literary evidence relating to numantia
2. The theoretical form of armies of the period of the Numantine Wars: the army of the second century BC
3. The theoretical layout of camps of the period of the Numantine Wars - Camps of the second century BC
4. Numantia - the archaeology

Reviews & Quotes

"This well-researched and well-reasoned text will reward the diligent student interested in the technical aspects of the Republican army at war.'"
Michael J. Taylor
Ancient Warfare Magazine (Vol IV, No. 2, 2010)

"This book is an important contribution towards a better understanding of the Republican Roman army."
Joonas Sipila
Arctos (Vol. 47 (2013))

"A very useful publication in which many, many ideas, instructive drawings and photographs are included.'"
Martin Luik
University of Munich, and German Archaeological Institute (DAI) Madrid ()

"A highly significant book equal to the work of Schulten himself. Highly illustrated, with many drawings and photographs. It is bound to gain wide acceptance.'"
Fernando Morales-Hernandez
University of Madrid ()

"It is a wonderful book. It will find a special place within critical analysis of this source material.'"
Dr Michael Blech
German Archaeological Institute (DAI), Madrid ()

"...a beautifully produced book, clearly written and invaluable for anyone researching the history of the republican Roman army.'"
Andrew Erskine
AJA Online Book Reviews (July 2009)

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