Off the Beaten Track. Epigraphy at the Borders: Proceedings of 6th EAGLE International Event (24-25 September 2015, Bari, Italy) [Paperback]

Antonio E. Felle(Editor); Anita Rocco(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784913229 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2016 | 160p, H9.75 x W7, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Off the Beaten Track. Epigraphy at the Borders


This volume contains the papers presented during the Meeting ‘Off the Beaten Track – Epigraphy at the Borders’, the sixth in a series of international events planned by the EAGLE, Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy international consortium.The Meeting was held on 24–25 September 2015, with the support of the Department of Classics and Late Antiquity Studies at the University of Bari Aldo Moro (Italy). During the event, the EAGLE Portal ( was officially launched and presented to the public for the first time. The event was intended to address the issues which arise in digitizing inscriptions characterised by ‘unusual’ features in comparison with the epigraphic norm. Here are collected contributions from several ongoing digital projects raising questions and proposing solutions regarding encoding inscriptions – from the Archaic period to the Middle Ages and beyond, even in languages other than Greek and Latin – which do not fall within those labelled as standard. The projects involved are the following: ILA – Iscrizioni Latine Arcaiche; The Ancient Graffiti Project; DASI – Digital Archive for the Study of pre-Islamic Arabian Inscriptions; EDB – Epigraphic Database Bari; EDV – Epigraphic Database Vernacular Inscriptions; AshLi – Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project.

Table of Contents

Foreword (Silvia Orlandi)

Off the Beaten Track. Epigraphy at the Borders: An Introduction (Antonio Enrico Felle)

The Encoding Challenge of the ILA Project (Giulia Sarullo)

Images and Text on the walls of Herculaneum: Designing the Ancient Graffiti Project (Rebecca R. Benefiel and Holly M. Sypniewski)

Is still Arabia at the margins of digital Epigraphy? Challenges in the digitization of the pre-Islamic inscriptions in the project DASI (Alessandra Avanzini, Annamaria De Santis, Daniele Marotta and Irene Rossi)

From Officina Lapidaria to DYE. Encoding inscriptions from the Roman

Catacombs (Anita Rocco)

Challenges of Byzantine Epigraphy in the 21st Century. A Short Note (Andreas Rhoby)

EDV Italian Medieval Epigraphy in the Vernacular (9th-15th century). A new Database (Luna Cacchioli, Nadia Cannata, Alessandra Tiburzi)

Signals, Symbols, and Spaces in the Ashmolean Latin Collection (Hannah Cornwell and Jane Masséglia)

Epigraphy out there (Pietro Liuzzo)

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