Les pratiques funéraires en Pannonie de l’époque augustéenne à la fin du 3e siècle: Texte et cartes [Paperback]

András Márton(Author)

ISBN: 9781789693355 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Archaeopress Roman Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2020 | 556p, H11.5 x W8, 322 figures, 382 maps
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Les pratiques funéraires en Pannonie de l’époque augustéenne à la fin du 3e siècle


Les pratiques funéraires en Pannonie de l’époque augustéenne à la fin du 3e siècle aims to give an overview of Roman burial practices in Pannonia during the Early Roman period. Among the different approaches proposed by R. Reece for the study of Roman cemeteries, this work focuses on the grave treatment and grave furnishing. The funerary practices are thus apprehended through the study of tomb structure, the selection and treatment of grave goods and human remains.

The book proposes a synthesis of the published finds to serve as a base for future research. The analysis consists of a documentary review (presented in the catalogue and numerous tables) as complete as possible from the published data, accompanied by a detailed analysis of the information available today to highlight the trends regarding the entire province but also the peculiarities that can be distinguished at the regional level. The analysis is supported by many graphics and maps. Many general trends, common to the western provinces of the Roman Empire, were detected but also many particularities linked to the economic and social situation of the communities, the different components of the population of Pannonia and the political and military history of the province.

Table of Contents

Remerciements ; 

Introduction ;

Historique des recherches ; 
Bilan documentaire (Figure 2-9

Carte 1-33)

Etude ; 
Les inhumations (Tableau 4

Carte 24 et 34-51) ; 

Les crémations (Carte 25

Carte 88-101) ; 

Les tombes d’enfants (Tableau 76) ; 
Pratiques autour de la fermeture des sépultures ; 
Le « culte » de la tombe ; 
Le mobilier ; 
Les interventions faites sur le mobilier ; 
Récipients ; 
Éclairage (Tableau 93

Carte 315-327) ; 

Meubles (Tableau 94-95) ; 
Chaises (Tableau 95) ; 
Autour du corps ; 
Militaria (Tableau 99

Carte 354-361) ; 

Religion personnelle/domaine de la Religio privata ; 
Offrandes animales et végétales ; 
Curiosités (Tableau 115) ; 
Mobilier dans les sépultures d’enfants

Conclusions ; 

English Summary ; 

Bibliographie ; 

Liste des cartes ; 

Cartes ; 

Annexe I : Catalogue des sarcophages du Haut-Empire en Pannonie ; 

Annexe II : Catalogue des ossuaires en Pannonie ; 

Tableaux : Avaliable online

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