Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy [Paperback]

Ada Cohen(Editor); Jeremy B. Rutter(Editor)

ISBN: 9780876615416 | Published by: American School of Classical Studies at Athens | Series: Hesperia Supplement | Volume: 41 | Year of Publication: 2007 | Language: English 456p, H11 x W8.5, 11 col and 167 b/w figs
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Constructions of Childhood in Ancient Greece and Italy


These 20 papers explore ancient notions and experiences of childhood around the Mediterranean, from prehistory to late antiquity. They are grouped into sections on Families; Socialization and Enculturation; Rituals and Life Transitions; Gender and Representation; Burial; Commemoration; and Childhood and the Classical Tradition. The contributors come from a range of different disciplines, including art history, archaeology, classical philology, and physical anthropology.

Table of Contents

Childhood between Past and Present: An Introduction (Ada Cohen); The Parental Ethos of the Iliad (Louise Pratt); Children in Classical Attic Votive Reliefs (Carol L. Lawton); The Power of Parenthood in Official Roman Art (Jeannine Diddle Uzzi); Behaving Like a Child: Immature Gestures in Athenian Vase-Painting (Timothy J. McNiven); Paideia's Children: Childhood Education on a Group of Late Antique Mosaics (Constantin A. Marinescu, Sarah E. Cox, and Rudolf Wachter); Educating Paula: A Proposed Curriculum for Raising a 4th-Century Christian Infant (Phyllis B. Katz); Children at Risk: Votive Terracottas and the Welfare of Infants at Paestum (Rebecca Miller Ammerman); Komos Growing Up among Satyrs and Children (Amy C. Smith); The Awkward Age: Art and Maturation in Early Greece (Susan Langdon); Age and Innocence: Female Transitions to Adulthood in Late Antiquity (Lisa A. Alberici and Mary Harlow); Children's Work: Girls as Acolytes in Aegean Ritual and Cult (Paul Rehak); Boys Will Be Boys: Youth and Gender Identity in the Theran Frescoes (Anne P. Chapin); Gendering the Age Gap: Boys, Girls, and Abduction in Ancient Greek Art (Ada Cohen); Childhood among the Etruscans: Mortuary Programs at Tarquinia as Indicators of the Transition to Adult Status (Marshall Joseph Becker); Notions of Childhood in the Classical Polis: Evidence from the Bioarchaeological Record (Anna Lagia); Forever Young: An Investigation of the Depictions of Children on Classical Attic Funerary Monuments (Janet Burnett Grossman); Constructing Childhood on Roman Funerary Memorials (Janet Huskinson); Racing with Death: Circus Sarcophagi and the Commemoration of Children in Roman Italy (Eve D'Ambra); Eros and the Lizard: Children, Animals, and Roman Funerary Sculpture (Jean Sorabella); Children as Poets, Poets as Children? Romantic Constructions of Childhood and Hellenistic Poetry (Annemarie Ambuehl).

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