The Exeter Cloth Dispatch Book, 1763-1765 [Paperback]

Todd Gray(Editor)

ISBN: 9780901853639 | Published by: Devon and Cornwall Record Society | Series: Devon and Cornwall Record Society | Volume: Volume 63 | Year of Publication: 2021 | 240p, 255 color, 15 line drawing
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The Exeter Cloth Dispatch Book, 1763-1765


This book reproduces a newly discovered manuscript detailing the exports of Claude Passavant, a Swiss émigré merchant. Passavant's dispatch book comprises the most extensive surviving collection of Devon cloth with 2,475 surviving cloth samples. Thirteen chapters discuss the local and wider contexts of sixteenth century cloth making. This study explores the quality, range, and vibrancy of cloth that lead to Exeter becoming an internationally renowned centre for the manufacture and trade of woollen cloth.

TODD GRAY MBE is Research Fellow at the University of Exeter and the author or editor of a number of volumes on Exeter and Devon including William Birchynshaw's Map of Exeter, 1743 and The Chronicle of Exeter, 1205-1722.

Table of Contents

Claude Passavant
Exeter in the 1760s
Claude Passavant's dispatch book: an analysis
Exeter's cloth merchants and industry in the 1760s
The Incorporation of Fullers, Weavers and Shearmen, in 1764
Exeter's fulling mills in the mid eighteenth century
The archaeology of the cloth industry in Exeter
Cloth dyes and dyeing in the eighteenth century
An outline history of the Exeter dyers
Exeter lead cloth merchants' seals - a provisional listing
Tillet blocks
Tiverton's woollen cloth trade in the 1760s
Westcountry pattern books
Norwich pattern books, pattern cards and patterns
Folding pattern cards: marketing Lancashire fustians in the 1780s
Appendix 1: The Topsham bale book, 1763
Appendix 2: The cloth account of John Hern of Ashburton, 1771-76
Appendix 3: Letter of Claude Passavant to Henry Pelham, 16 October 1752
Appendix 4: Letter of John Siper to Thomas Windeatt, 5 July 1756
Appendix 5: Four Devon dye recipes, c.1710

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