Cultural Encounters in Iron Age Europe [Paperback]

Ian Armit(Editor); Hrvoje Potrebica(Editor); Matija Črešnar(Editor); Phipip Mason(Editor); Lindsey Büster(Editor)

ISBN: 9789639911833 | Published by: Archaeolingua | Series: Archaeolingua Minor Series | Volume: 38 | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 324p, black and color
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Cultural Encounters in Iron Age Europe


Cultural encounters form a dominant theme in the study of Iron Age Europe. This was particularly acute in regions where urbanising Mediterranean civilisations came into contact with ‘barbarian’ worlds. This volume presents preliminary work from the ENTRANS Project, which explores the nature and impact of such encounters in south east Europe, alongside a series of papers on analogous European regions. A range of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches are offered in an effort to promote dialogue around these central issues in European protohistory.

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