Atmospheres of Learning: How they affect the development of our children [Paperback]

Barbara Wolf(Author)

ISBN: 9788869771729 | Published by: Mimesis International | Series: Atmospheric Spaces | Year of Publication: 2019 | 170p, H8.25 x W5.5, 5
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Atmospheres of Learning


Socialization in childhood and at a young age is marked, not only by measurable factors such as age, sex, ethnic group, religion or parents’ income, but also by variables such as depression, aggressiveness, inner calm or serenity. It makes all the difference whether a child experiences during their development an atmosphere of acceptance, gladness and emotional warmth, or one of depreciation, indifference and emotional coldness. The atmosphere in which a child is brought up shapes them as people, at least as much as the measurable factors of their social context. By discussing in detail how the atmosphere in the family, the kindergarten or at school can affect a child’s well-being, this book calls for the importance of shaping such atmospheres so to produce a positive influence on children living and learning together.

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