Creatures of Earth, Water and Sky: Essays on Animals in Ancient Egypt and Nubia [Hardback]

Dr. Stéphanie Porcier(Editor); Prof. Dr. Salima Ikram(Editor); Stéphane Pasquali(Editor)

ISBN: 9789088907715 | Published by: Sidestone Press | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English/French 310p, H11 x W8.27, 125fc/75bw
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Creatures of Earth, Water and Sky


Ancient Egyptians always had an intense and complex relationship with animals in daily life as well as in religion. Despite the fact that research on this relationship has been a topic of study, gaps in our knowledge still remain. This volume presents well over 30 contributions that explore Human-Animal relationships from the Predynastic to the Roman period. The essays cover topics such as animal husbandry, mummification, species-specific studies, the archaeology and economy of the animal cults, funerary practices, iconography and symbolism. The contribution of archaeometrical methods, such as DNA analyses, balms’ analyses, AMS dating, radiography, and 3D imaging, are also represented as these play a significant role in furthering our understanding of the human-animal relationship in Egypt. The range of subject matter and contributors are indicative of the importance of animals and the role that they played in ancient Egypt and Nubia, and emphasizes the need for continued inter- and multidisciplinary studies on the subject. The research outlined in this volume has helped, for example, to better identify ways of sourcing the animals used in mummification, contributed to establishing the eras during which animal mummification became common, and highlighted new techniques for acquiring DNA. The fresh insights and diversity of topics makes the volume of interest for professionals (Egyptologists, (archaeo-)zoologists and historians), as well as those who are interested in Egyptology and in the relationship between humans and animals. Creatures of Earth, Water and Sky is the result of the first international conference ever dedicated to animals in ancient Egypt and Nubia (the International Symposium on Animals in Ancient Egypt, ISAAE 1, June 1-3 2016, held in Lyon).

Table of Contents

AbstractsPrefaceStéphanie Porcier, Salima Ikram & Stéphane PasqualiL’exploitation de l’autruche dans l’Égypte ancienne : l’exemple des perles en coquille d’œuf d’autrucheHalima Ali ToybouScanning Sobek: Mummy of the Crocodile GodJulie Anderson & Daniel AntoineDonkey Burials at Tell El-YahudiaAiman Ashmawy AliÀ propos des noms d’espèces appartenant au sous-ordre des sauria (lézards) attestés en Égypte ancienne et médiévale : un tour d’horizon zoologique et lexicographiqueSydney H. AufrèreEarly Travellers and the Animal `Mummy Pits’ of Egypt: Exploration and Exploitation of the Animal Catacombs in the Age of Early TravelTessa T. BaberFrom Egyptology to Ornithology: The Cults of Sacred Falcons and The Musée des Confluences’ Raptor MummiesRozenn Bailleul-LeSuerInterpreting the Faunal Remains from the Tombs at the Temple of Millions of Years of Amenhotep II in Western Thebes: Funerary Practices, Ritual Practices or, Perhaps, Something Else?Fabio Bona, Anna Consonni, Tommaso Quirino & Angelo SesanaUne analyse chimique de la composition de baumes de momies animales égyptiennes conservées au musée des Confluences (Lyon, France)Manon Bondetti, Stéphanie Porcier, Matthieu Ménager & Cathy VieillescazesÉconomie du culte des animaux sacrés en Égypte hellénistique et romaineSilvia BussiBœufs d’Égypte, bœufs du Soudan : une morphologie différente ?Louis ChaixL’étude des momies animales du musée des Confluences à Lyon. L’exemple des momies de poissonsAlain CharronDes chiens et des bandelettesFrançoise Dunand, Roger Lichtenberg, Cécile Callou & Fleur Letellier-WilleminTrapping Baqet’s RatLinda EvansDe la valeur emblématique des dromadaires en terre cuite d’ÉgypteJérôme GonzalezFormes et figures animales dans le mobilier égyptienHélène GuichardShedding New Light on Old Corpses: Developments in the Field of Animal Mummy StudiesSalima IkramMummies from the City of Canine Deities: An Analysis of Canid Osteofaunal Remains from the Tomb of the Dogs on Gebel Asyut al-Gharbi, Asyut, Middle EgyptChiori KitagawaEmploi et symbolisme des cornes de bovins au Protodynastique : Exemples d’Abou RawachJoséphine LesurAppréhender les momies autrement. L’étude des textiles des momies de gazelles du musée des Confluences à LyonFleur Letellier-WilleminKnown and Unknown Animals in a Bilingual Glossary on a Papyrus from Egypt, and the Egyptian Effect on the Small Animal of CallimachusNikos LitinasMummies at Manchester – applying the Manchester Methodology to the Study of Mummified Animal Remains from Ancient EgyptLidija McKnight & Stephanie WoolhamThe North Ibis Catacomb at SaqqaraPaul T. NicholsonThe Conservation of Animal Mummies: Problems and Possible SolutionsCinzia Oliva & Matilde BorlaLa polychromie d’un cercueil de faucon d’époque romaineSandrine Pagès-Camagna & Yannick VandenbergheSur la manière dont un Égyptien a raconté l’installation de l’animal sacré de MendèsStéphane PasqualiDatations par le carbone 14 de 63 momies animales du musée des Confluences à Lyon (France)Stéphanie Porcier, Pascale Richardin, Gaëtan Louarn, Salima Ikram & Didier BerthetLes cinq momies de chat de la Società africana d’Italia (SAI) : nouvelles recherches, nouvelles découvertesMaria Diletta Pubblico & Cinzia OlivaThe Burial Ground for Osiris-(NN)-Animals at Tuna el-GebelKatrin Annikka SchlüterA Study of the Wrapping of an Ibis Mummy from the Catacombs of Tuna-el-Gebel, HermopolisAhmed Tarek, Mohamed Abdel-Rahman, Nesma Mohamed, Ahmed Khairy & Ahmed AbedellatifThe Conservation of Animal Mummies and Associated Materials: Case Studies from the C2RMFNoëlle TimbartLe ‘Tête-de-chien’ (κυνοκέφαλος) des Grecs : l’Égypte au prisme des animauxMarco Vespa‘Fishing’ for Mitochondrial DNA in Mummified Sacred Ibis: Development of a Targeted Enrichment Protocol Resolves the Ancient Egyptian DNA Survival DebateSally Wasef, Leon Huynen, Craig Donald Millar, Sankar Subramanian, Salima Ikram, Barbra Holland Eske Willerslev & David Martin Lambert

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