Liber Amicorum–Speculum Siderum: Nūt Astrophoros: Papers Presented to Alicia Maravelia [Hardback]

Nadine Guilhou(Editor); Antigoni Maniati(Editor); Antigoni Maniati(Assisted by)

ISBN: 9781784916039 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Archaeopress Egyptology | Volume: 17 | Year of Publication: 2017 | Language: English H11.5 x W8,
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Liber Amicorum–Speculum Siderum: Nūt Astrophoros


In this volume, a pleiade of Egyptologists, Archaeologists, Archaeoastronomers, Archaeoanthropologists, Historians and other scholars from fifteen countries (Hellas, Egypt, France, Russia, Ukraine, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Turkey, Australia) have combined their efforts in order to honour Alicia Maravelia, whose important work in Egyptology and in the foundation of the Hellenic Institute of Egyptology are highly acknowledged. This book, with foreword by His Eminence the Archbishop of Sinai and Abbot of the Holy Monastery of St Catherine, Mgr Damianos, contains thirty original articles, two abstracts and a plethora of accompanying texts including Dr Maravelia’s list of publications. The book is divided into three parts: 1. Nūt and the Realm of Stars [15 contributions]; 2. Ancient Egyptian Religion and its Celestial Undertones [12 contributions]; and 3. Ancient Egyptian Science, Medicine, Archaeoanthropology, Egyptomania, Egyptophilia, etc. [5 contributions]. The reader will find papers that deal mainly with the goddess Nūt and her mythology and cosmographic notions related to her, the stars and other celestial luminaries, orientations of monuments, ancient Egyptian constellations and decans, the notion of time, calendars, religious and funerary observances related to the sky, ancient Egyptian religion, religious and amuletic artefacts, religious mythology, as well as archaeoanthropological and medicinal studies, papers on ancient Egyptian Mathematics, Egyptophilia, Egyptomania and ancient Egyptian collections.

Table of Contents

PART I: NUT AND THE REALM OF STARS: Niels BILLING: The Dialogue of Geb and Nut in Relation to the Royal Sarcophagus in the Pyramid of King Pepy I

Nadine GUILHOU: Le Soleil dans les Bras de Nut dans les Tombes Thébaines

Mykola TARASENKO: The «Children of Nut» and their Rebellion in Chapter 175A of the Book of the Dead

Bernard ARQUIER: L’Astérisme du Bélier dans l’Ancienne Égypte

Azza EZZAT: Staircases in Ancient Egyptian Pools: Iconographic Attestations and Ouranographic Connotations

Brigitte VALÉE: Les Hypocéphales et la Déesse Céleste Nut

Kurt LOCHER: Gods Coming from the Left – Possible Astronomical Origins of Religious Processions

Sabine STEMMLER–HARDING: Devil in Disguise – On the Stellar Mythology of cApophis and its Potential Connection to the Constellation @tp-Rdwy

Frank GODDIO: Un Récit de la Création ressurgit des Profondeurs

Anne–Sophie VON BOMHARD: The Genesis of the Stars in Ancient Egypt, according to the Naos of the Decades

Massimiliano FRANCI: Defining Time

Gaëlle CHANTRAIN: Une Journée dans le Temps et l’Espace – Remarques Lexicales au Sujet de hrw et grH

Themis G. DALLAS: The Ancient Skyscape Over the Sanctuary of Egyptian Gods in Marathōn

Mona HAGGAG: The Tazza Farnese: An Alexandrian Vision of the Cosmos

Jean–Pierre LEVET: Les Constellations Anthropomorphes de l’Hémisphère Nord et l’Astrosophie chez Ptolémée

PART II: ANCIENT EGYPTIAN RELIGION, ART, HISTORY AND THEIR CELESTIAL UNDERTONES: Jean–Pierre PÄTZNICK: La Déesse d’Éléphantine à l’Époque Thinite – Tabouisation Locale du Nom Divin

Tatjana A. SHERKOVA: Sacral Numbers in Ancient Egypt – Historical and Psychological Study

Mohammed AZZAZY & Azza EZZAT: The Sycamore in Ancient Egypt – Textual, Iconographic & Archaeopaly- nological Thoughts

Ahmed MANSOUR: Notes on the Role of #tm(w)/#tmty-NTr in Turquoise Mining Expeditions

Dina 'EL-GABRY: A Fragmentary Dyad of Penwah and of his Wife Meryt – Cairo Museum JE 27955, CG 1003

Hamdy Ahmed 'EL-SOROGY: The Flea Insect as a New Symbol for God Seth

Hedvig GYORY: On the History of Feline Amulets – A Preliminary Study of Cat Amulets

Detlev QUINTERN: The Lion and the Mouse – Travelling Ethics

Sophia TSOURINAKI: Between Dionysos and Christ – Cosmological Images on a Hellenistic Funerary Textile

Ashraf–Alexandre SADEK: De la Spiritualité des Anciens Égyptiens à la Spiritualité Chrétienne

Youhanna N. YOUSSEF: The Date of Consecration of the Sanctuary of Patriarch Benjamin

Manto PAPAÏOANNOU: Psychostasia in Byzantine Art through the Iconography of Archangel Michael


Stephanos GEROULANOS: An Introduction to Alexandrian Medicine & Surgery

Constantinos TRIANTAPHYLLIDIS: The Genetic History of Hellas, Egypt and of the Near East and the DNA Study of King Tutcankhamun

Adam LUKASZEWICZ: One more Hand that rocked the Cradle of Egyptology – Count Jan Potocki

Mladen TOMORAD: Aegyptiaca and Various Forms of Egyptomania in Croatia

Antigoni MANIATI: Brief CV & List of Publications of Prof. Dr Dr Alicia MARAVELIA

Evi BATRA: Epilogue – Dr Dr Alicia MARAVELIA & the Association of Greek Women Scientists

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