The Art of Describing: The World of Tomb Decoration as Visual Culture of the Old Kingdom: Studies in Honour of Yvonne Harpur [Hardback]

Geoffrey Martin(Author); Paolo Scremin(Editor); Hartwig Altenmüller(Editor); Miroslav Bárta(Editor); Edith Bernhauer(Editor)

ISBN: 9788073087708 | Published by: Czech Institute of Egyptology | Year of Publication: 2018 | Language: English 307p, H10.75 x W8.25, 85 color, black-white
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The Art of Describing


The superbly illustrated volume presents a wide array of subject-matter dealing with the visual culture of the Old Kingdom. The book was compiled in honour of Yvonne Harpur, the doynne of the study of art and decoration of tombs from the pyramid age.

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