The Tekenu and Ancient Egyptian Funerary Ritual [Paperback]

Glennise West(Author)

ISBN: 9781789691825 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Archaeopress Egyptology | Volume: 23 | Year of Publication: 2019 | 312p, H11.5 x W8, 362 figures (color and black & white), 1 table
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The Tekenu and Ancient Egyptian Funerary Ritual


What is the Tekenu? What was its function? What are its origins? These are questions upon which Egyptologists have long pondered. However, Egyptologists, until now, have avoided any major work on the topic. Previous treatments of the Tekenu largely adopt a selective approach focusing on a specific form. Rarely has the Tekenu been examined profoundly in all of its forms or contexts with its possible origins commented upon merely in passing. The aim of The Tekenu and Ancient Egyptian Funerary Ritual is to provide a provocative examination and interpretation of the Tekenu in an endeavour to proffer plausible answers hitherto eluding scholars. Attested from the Fifth Dynasty until, and including the Saite Period, the Tekenu is a puzzling icon which is depicted within the funerary scenes in the tombs of some ancient Egyptian nobles. In this work four distinct types of Tekenu are identified and classified and then a Corpus Catalogue is formed. The Tekenu is appraised within the context of the wall scene. Two tombs are dealt with in greater detail.

Table of Contents

List of figures; 



Chronology code used throughout the work ; 

Part 1 Formulation of the corpus catalogue:
Chapter 1 Introduction and literature review; 

Chapter 2 Aims and method; 

Chapter 3 Typology: criteria and creation; 

Chapter 4 Corpus catalogue; 

Part 2 Evaluating the primary sources:
Chapter 5 Textual references, pictorial representations and context; 

Chapter 6 Special complex scenes: the
Tekenu in TT 20 and TT 100; 

Part 3 The search for the origins of the Tekenu:
Chapter 7 Cattle culture, early dynastic figures and standards; 

Chapter 8 The
Tekenu and The Opening of the Mouth Ceremony; 

Chapter 9 Summary and conclusions; 

Appendix A Tombs containing
Tekenu images; 

Appendix B
Tekenu Traits; 

Appendix C Chronology of scholars’ views of the function of the

Appendix D Pictorial context: diagrammatical interpretation; 


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