Ur Excavation Texts VI: Literary and Religious Tests - Third Part [Hardback]

Aaron Shaffer(Author); Marie-Christine Ludwig(Author)

ISBN: 9780714111612 | Published by: British Museum Press | Year of Publication: 2006 | Language: English 136p, H11.69 x W8.26, 96p b/w illus, 6 b/w pls
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Ur Excavation Texts VI


This is the third and last part of the publication of the Sumerian and Akkadian literary, religious and scholastic texts deriving from the famous excavations by Sir Leonard Woolley at Ur of the Chaldees in southern Iraq. The texts cover almost the whole range of Sumerian literature as known from the Old Babylonian period (c. 1800 BC), and complement similar material found by American archaeologists in the great literary archives of Nippur. Many of the texts from Ur are thought to have been found in the houses of professional scribes and teachers and may represent the work of their students. The book features copies of over 500 tablets and fragments.

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