Archaeological Explorations in Syria 2000-2011: Proceedings of ISCACH-Beirut 2015 [Paperback]

Jeanine Abdul Massih(Editor); Shinichi Nishiyama(); Shinichi Nishiyama(Editor); Hanan Charaf(Associate Editor); Ahmad Deb(Associate Editor)

ISBN: 9781784919474 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2018 | 464p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white (124 color plates)
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Archaeological Explorations in Syria 2000-2011


Syria has been a major crossroads of civilizations in the ancient Near East since the dawn of human kind. Until the current crisis began in 2011, Syria was one of the foremost pioneers in the investigation of past human knowledge, diversity, and identity. However, due to the ongoing war, archaeological excavations came to an abrupt halt. Since then, there have been countless alarming reports of damage or destruction inflicted on archaeological, historical, and museum sites. The International Syrian Congress on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (ISCACH), held December 3-5, 2015 in Beirut, Lebanon, was designed to bring together international scholars who have directed or participated in archaeological expeditions in Syria, and colleagues from Syria. By doing so, not only could the results of years of archaeological investigations and cultural heritage management in Syria be shared and discussed, but also a spirit of friendship and collaboration could be fostered and strengthened during this turbulent period. The Congress focussed on the scientific aspects of each explored site and region allowing researchers to examine in detail each heritage site, its characteristics and identity. Archaeological Explorations in Syria 2000-2011: Proceedings of ISCACH-Beirut 2015 consists of two parts. The first part presents the results of archaeological investigations conducted between 2000 and 2010. The second part comprises abstracts of papers and posters presented during the Congress. It is hoped that this book will represent an important contribution to the scientific dialogue between international and Syrian scholars, and will appeal to the general public interested in the culture and history of Syria.

Table of Contents

Introduction – by Jeanine Abdul Massih and Shinichi Nishiyama

THE EXCAVATIONS IN SYRIA 2000-2010: Aleppo: The Paleolithic Excavations at the Dederiyeh Cave, Afrin Valley (1989-2011) – by Takeru Akazawa and Yoshihiro Nishiaki

Archaeological Excavations at Tell Qaramel 1999-2011 (Aleppo-North Syria) – by Yousef Kanjou

The Last Excavation at Arslan Tash/Shiran – by Serena Maria Cecchini and Fabrizio Venturi

Unfinished Work at Tell Ahmar. Early and Middle Bronze Age Finds – by Guy Bunnens

A Colonnaded Building in a Commercial Area at Seleucid Jebel Khalid – by Heather Jackson

The Monuments of Cyrrhus - Nebi Houri – by Jeanine Abdul Massih

Archaeological and Architectural Studies in Northern Syria (Dead Cities): General Presentation with Three Missions in El-Bâra and Ruweiha – by Maamoun Abdulkarim and Gérard Charpentier


A New Place of Worship Dedicated to Zeus Theandrios inside the Temple Precinct of Damascene Jupiter – by Houmam Saad

Al-Qaryatayn in the Heart of the Syrian Desert: Deir Mar Elian Al-Sheikh – by Wouroud Brahim

Daraa/Suweida: A Survey of Prehistoric Sites in Daraa, Southern Syria – by Ahmad Diab

Tell Al-Ashaari in Hauran Throughout the Bronze Age: The 2010 Excavation Results – by Qasem Al-Mohammad

Hassake: Tell Fekheriye. A Synopsis of Excavations and Ongoing Research Questions – by Dominik Bonatz

Tell Halaf (Ancient Guzana) - Excavation Results between 2006-2010 – by Mohammad Fakhro

The Pre-Pottery to Pottery Neolithic Settlement of Tell Seker Al-Aheimar, Hassake, Upper Mesopotamia – by Yoshihiro Nishiaki

Excavations at Tell Taban: Culture and History at Ṭābatum/Ṭābetu during the Second Millennium BC – by Hirotoshi Numoto, Daisuke Shibata and Shigeo Yamada

Tell Barri/Kahat 2000-2010: The Contribution of the Excavations to the History of the Jezireh – by Raffaella Pierobon Benoit

Tell Feres: The First Proto-Urban Societies in Northern Mesopotamia Through a Rural Perspective – by Johnny Samuele Baldi and Régis Vallet

Homs/Hama: The Lower Paleolithic of the El-Kowm Area (Central Syria) and the Question of the First Inhabitants of the Syrian Desert – by Jean-Marie Le Tensorer, Hélène Le Tensorer, Reto Jagher, Pietro Martini, Peter Schmid, Juan José Villalain, Fabio Wegmüller, and Sultan Muhesen

The Long Paleolithic Sequence of Hummal (Central Syria) – by D. Wojtczak and J.-M. Le Tensorer

Japanese Archaeological Work in Palmyra from 1990 to 2010 – by Kiyohide Saito

Archaeological Investigations of the German Archaeological Institute in the Hama Region 2003-2010 – by Karin Bartl

Holocene Paleoenvironments and Settlement Patterns in Western Syria and Lebanon: the PaleoSyr/PaleoLib Project – by Bernard Geyer and Frank Braemer

Qalaat al-Mudiq, Citadel of Apamea: Past and Present – by Mathilde Gelin and Shaker Al-Shbib

Tell Maksour – by Abdel Wahab Abou Saleh

A Summary of the Archaeological Discoveries in the Homs Gap by a Syrian-Lebanese-Spanish Mission (2004-2010) – by Maya Haïdar-Boustani, Juan José Ibáñez and Michel Al-Maqdissi

Palmyra. 30 Years of Syrian-German-Austrian Archaeological Research (1981-2010) – by Andreas Schmidt-Colinet, Khaled Al-Assaad (†), and Waleed Al-Assaad

The Nymphaeum in Apamea – by Andreas Schmidt-Colinet

Idlib: Tell El-Kerk. A Neolithic Mega Site in the Province of Idlib – by Akita Tsunematsu

Excavations at Tell Mardikh - Ebla 2004-2010: The Temples of EB IVA-B and the Royal Citadel of MB I-II – by Paolo Matthiae

The Archaeological Park of Ebla. A Long-Term Plan for the Site and its Region – by Frances Pinnock

Tell Afis: From the Late Bronze to the Iron Age – by Stefania Mazzoni

Tell Mastuma: Rise and Fall of an Iron Age Rural Settlement in Northwest Syria – by Shinichi Nishiyama

Lattakieh: Tell Nahr El-Arab (Al-Shamiyeh) – by Ahmad Deb

Tell Kazel - Sumur and the Kingdom of Amurru – by Leila Badre

The Syrian-French Archaeological Mission of Ras Shamra – Ugarit – by Valérie Matoïan

Archaeological Excavations at Tell Tweini – Syrian Mission (Field B) – by Massoud Badawi

Archaeological Site of Amrit. Excavation Results, Seasons 2003-2011 – by Yasser Youssef

Raqqa/Deir Ez-Zor: Resafa-Sergiupolis/Rusafat Hisham. Pilgrim City and Caliphal Residence. A Multidisciplinary Approach for Reconstructing the Development of the City – by Dorothée Sack and Martin Gussone

Emergency Excavations of Hwejet Al-Halaweh, Raqqa Governorate (2011-2012) – by Ayham Al-Fakhri and Yarob Al-Abdallah

The Necropolises of Halabiya-Zenobia – by Sylvie Blétry

Syrian Excavations in the Byzantine City of Tell Al-Kasra, 2006-2010 – by Yarob Al-Abdallah

Tell Halula (Euphrates Valley, Syria). New Research Conducted between 2011 and 2015 – by Miquel Molist, Maria Bofill, Chiara Marchiori, Anabel Ortiz and Anna Gómez

Published Abstracts

Final Conclusions and Remarks – by Jeanine Abdul Massih and Shinichi Nishiyama

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