Études Mésopotamiennes – Mesopotamian Studies: N°1 – 2018 [Paperback]

Vincent Déroche(Editor); Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault(); Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault(Editor); Christophe Nicolle(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784919412 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Series: Études Mésopotamiennes – Mesopotamian Studies | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2018 | 342p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Études Mésopotamiennes – Mesopotamian Studies: N°1 – 2018


The first volume of the series EMMS, 'Études Mésopotamiennes – Mesopotamian Studies' presents a collection of articles, communications and preliminary reports representing the advancement, in recent years, of human sciences - archaeological, historical, philological and cultural researches –concerning ancient Mesopotamia area studies. It contains the first results of some excavation and survey programs carried out by different European teams namely in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, developed since the reopening of this large territory to international research after the long pause due to war. The volume includes also studies, debates, reflections preparing and illustrating the new trends of the research launched now in Mesopotamia. Marked by the continuity of the scientific traditions, they show the changes induced by the evolution of mentalities and by new methods, techniques and instruments of work. The proceedings of an international congress held in Paris in 2013, show also the orientation of Iraqi archaeologists’ researches, and their perceptions of the new, possible collaboration starting now in the region. In the same spirit, to allow a better circulation and sharing of their contents, the texts are accompanied by large summaries translated into Arabic and Kurdish.

Table of Contents

Avant-propos – by Le comité éditorial / The editorial board

A- Publication du Colloque Archéologie et Histoire des empires : modèles, projets et travaux en cours en Mésopotamie du Nord. Nouveaux programmes au Kurdistan d’Irak

Présentation et programme du Colloque international – by Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault

New Perspectives in Archaeology in Iraqi Kurdistan – by Abubakir O. Zainadin (Mala Awat)

Heritage conservation and traditional houses: problems and solutions – by Nader Babakr Mohammed

Welcoming Archaeological Projects in Iraqi Kurdistan: The Kurdish Point of View – by Gouhar Shemdin

Sulaymaniyah Museum and its History – by Hashim Hama Abdullah

Rethinking Assyrian History: New Archaeological Research at Qasr Shemamok, Iraqi Kurdistan (2011-2013) – by Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault

Quelques réflexions autour des fouilles à Kilizu, aujourd’hui Qasr Shemamok (Erbil, Kurdistan d’Iraq) : ville et territoire – by Pedro Azara, Joan Borrell, Marc Marín et Eric Rusiñol

The Ancient History of the City of Erbil ab urbe condita to the coming of Alexander – by John MacGinnis

An Ubaid Kiln at Tell Nader (Kurdistan Region in Iraq) – by Konstantinos Kopanias

Rapport préliminaire sur la première campagne de fouilles à Kunara (Mission Archéologique du Peramagron 2012) niveaux fin Bronze Ancien, début Bronze Moyen. – by Christine Kepinski

Prospection dans la haute vallée du Tanjaro (Mission archéologique du Peramagron 2011) – by Aline Tenu

Les voies de communication dans le pays assyrien l’exemple de la plaine sud d’Erbil (Kurdistan irakien) – by Lionel Marti et Christophe Nicolle

La cité sainte de Muṣaṣir dans les sources écrites – by Mirjo Salvini

Les décors des croix portatives de Bazyan – by Narmen Ali Muhamad Amen et Alain Desreumaux

Une inscription hébraïque médiévale découverte dans le Bet Garmaï (Kurdistan d’Irak) – by Alain J. Desreumaux

Tell Feres, a failed pathway towards urbanism in Northern Mesopotamia – by Régis Vallet

B- Varia

Étude numismatique de deux Fals nohasi atabékides de Tell Kilik Mishik, à Erbil – by Narmen Ali Muhamad Amen

Urbilum/Erbil and the Northern Frontier of the Ur III State – by Piotr Michalowski

The Hinterland of the Arbīl City: A Survey of Tell Baxçan, Iraqi Kurdistan – by Karel Nováček, Stefano Valentini, Petr Šída and Narmen Ali Muhamad Amen

Qasr Shemamok-Kilizu (Kurdistan d’Irak), les campagnes de 2011 (9 avril-15 mai et 16 octobre-5 novembre) – by Olivier Rouault, Maria Grazia Masetti-Rouault, Ilaria Calini, John MacGinnis, Jason Ur et Quentin Vitale

The Archaeological Character of an Imperial Frontier: Assyrian Control Policy in the Hula Valley – by Yifat Thareani

Compte-rendu de Konstantinos Kopanias and John MacGinnis (eds) 2016, The Archaeology of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and Adjacent Regions – by Catherine Breniquet

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