Engraved Gems from Dalmatia [Hardback]

Sheila Hoey Middleton(Author)

ISBN: 9780947816315 | Published by: Oxford University School of Archaeology | Year of Publication: 1991 | Language: English 176p, 51 pls
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Engraved Gems from Dalmatia


This catalogue of more than 300 gems from Dalmatia brings together the nineteenth century collections of Sir John Gardner Wilkinson and Sir Arthur Evans. A substantial part of Evans' collection is now in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, and those pieces now elsewhere are represented by his casts and sealings which are also in the Ashmolean. Wilkinson, an Egyptologist, left his collection of some 50 gems to Harrow School, where they still are. The catalogue illustrates a wide range of Roman gems as well as a few of earlier dates; all are described and discussed, and illustrated by enlarged photos, taken by Robert Wilkins.

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