Environmental Archaeology 9.1 [Paperback]

Glynis Jones(Author)

ISBN: 9781842171363 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Year of Publication: 2004 | Language: English 112p, b/w figs
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Environmental Archaeology 9.1


Contents: Research Papers. Hydrological Monitoring of an Alluviated Landscape in the Lower Great Ouse Valley at Over, Cambridgeshire: Results of the Gravel Extraction Phase (Charles French); A Record of Atmospheric Pollution and Vegetation Change as Recorded in Three Peat Bogs from the Northern Pennines Pb-Zn Orefield (Tim M. Mighall, Lisa Dumayne-Peaty and David Cranstone); Plant Remains as Indicators of Seasonality of Site-Use in the Mesolithic Period (Petra Dark); Do Insect Remains from Historic-Period Archaeological Occupation Sites Track Climate Change in Northern England? (Harry Kenward); Archaeological Implications of Plant and Invertebrate Remains from Fills of a Massive Post-Medieval Cut at Low Fisher Gate, Doncaster, UK (Harry K. Kenward, Allan R. Hall and Jane M. McComish); The Introduction of Fallow Deer to Britain: A Zooarchaeological Perspective (Naomi Sykes); Fragmentation: The Zonation Method Applied to Fragmented Human Remains from Archaeological and Forensic Contexts (Christopher J. Knuesel and Alan K. Outram); Short Contributions. Phytoliths from a Norse Greenlandic Quern Stone: A Preliminary Investigation (J. M. Ross) ; Book reviews.

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