Essai bibliographique sur l’archéologie francophone de la Mésoamérique: Bibliographical essay upon the French-speaking contributions to Mesoamerican archaeology; Ensayo bibliográfico sobre la arqueología francófona de Mesoamérica [Paperback]

Eric Taladoire(Author)

ISBN: 9781789690996 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2019 | 250p, H10.75 x W8,
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Essai bibliographique sur l’archéologie francophone de la Mésoamérique


The present bibliography of contributions in French to Mesoamerican studies aims to serve several purposes. For more than a century, Spanish, English and French were the three official languages of the International Congresses of Americanists. This situation stems from historical reasons: the first Congresses took place in Nancy, Luxemburg and Brussels. Since the fifties, the steady growth of Mexican and Central American national researches and the ever-growing weight of United States investigators slowly occulted the French contributions. Conversely, the establishment of research institutions in Belgium, Switzerland, France and Canada facilitated the multiplication of investigation projects in the whole continent, with their correlative publications. With this essay, we wish, 1) to make an assessment of the existing situation; 2) to provide our colleagues with the most complete number of references and draw their attention on unknown contributions frequently illustrated with forgotten objects; 3) to evaluate the contribution of the most recent formations; 4) last but not least, to insist upon the necessary confrontation of methods and points of view. We consider as fundamental this confrontation of methodological approaches, not to underestimate the diversity of interpretations. A language is not only a linguistic vehicle. It implies also a way of thinking, of reasoning. Each researcher answers a question, a problem according to his formation, his prejudices, his culture, his methods and his possibilities. From their confrontation, we may obtain better results, new tools and henceforth a better understanding of these civilizations.

Table of Contents

Avant Propos / Foreword / Prólogo ; 
Abréviations utilisées / Used Abbreviations/ Abreviaciones ; 
Principales revues pertinentes pour la recherche américaniste francophone / Main pertinent French publications for Mesoamerican archaeology / Principales revistas pertinentes para las investigaciones en francés ; 
Bilan des publications en Français / An assessment of French contributions / Una evaluación de las contribuciones en francés ; 
Mésoamérique et généralités / Mesoamerica and general works / Mesoamérica y generalidades ; 
Une discipline ? / A specific approach? / Una disciplina? ; 
Géographie et milieux / Geography and environments / Geografía y medios naturales ; 
Chroniqueurs et codices / Chroniclers and codex / Cronistas y códices ; 
Ecritures, littérature et déchiffrements / Writing, literature and decipherments / Escritura, literature y desciframiento ; 
La découverte et la conquête / Discovery and conquest / El descubrimiento y la conquista ; 
Origines, comparatisme et hypothèses / Origins, comparatism and hypothesis / Orígenes, comparatismo e hipótesis ; 
Art, collections, expositions, musées / Art, collections, exhibitions, museums / Arte, colecciones, exposiciones y museos ; 
Les Chichimèques, le nord du Mexique et la Californie / The Chichimecs, Northern Mexico and California / Los chichimecas, el norte de México y Baja California ; 
Occident et Centre-nord / Western and North Central Mexico / El Occidente y el centro norte ; 
Le Mexique central / Central Mexico / El centro de México ; 
Oaxaca et le Guerrero / Oaxaca and Guerrero / Oaxaca y Guerrero ; 
La côte du Golfe: des Olmèques aux Huastèques / The Gulf Coast: from Olmecs to Huaxtecs / La costa del Golfo: de los olmecas a los huastecos ; 
Les Mayas / The Mayas / Los mayas ; 
L’Amérique centrale et les marges méridionales / Central America and the southern margins / La América central y la frontera meridional ; 
L’héritage colonial: une perspective anthropologique / The colonial heritage: an anthropological perspective / La herencia colonial: una perspectiva antropológica ; 
Thèses soutenues dans les universités francophones / Thesis and PhD in French-speaking Universities / Tesis de doctorado presentadas en las universidades francófonas

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