Excavation of the Medieval Waterfront at King Stable [Paperback]

P. W. Blinkhorn(Author)

ISBN: 9780904220216 | Published by: Oxford Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2000 | Language: English 43p,
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Excavation of the Medieval Waterfront at King Stable


Oxford Archaeology carried out an excavation in 1997 on a site alongside the north bank of the river Thames in King Stable Street, Eton, Berkshire. The evidence indicated that the site probably served as a working area for properties fronting the approach to the north side of Windsor Bridge from the 12th century onwards. Evidence was also found of a succession of timber revetments constructed to consolidate the riverbank. Late medieval and post-medieval activity on the site was characterised by low intensity craft or industrial pursuits, prior to development of the site in the 18th century and construction of a malthouse.

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