Food & Cooking, & Diet

Cookery and diet of our ancestors from prehistory onwards, from archaeological data to historic recipes.

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  1. Lea's Good Food Everyday

    Lea's Good Food Everyday: Easy Recipes for Today's Living [Paperback]

    Lea Hogg(Author)


    ISBN: 9789993275992
    Published by : Midsea Books
    This book includes 75 easy recipes for today’s living, curated from Lea Hogg’s television program. Each recipe is simple to prepare using local ingredients that are readily available. Each recipe in the book is clearly classified to su... .... Learn More
  2. Come si mangia l’olio

    Come si mangia l’olio: Il primo manuale pratico di abbinamento gastronomico tra cibo e olio extra vergine di oliva / The first practical handbook pairing gourmet food with extra virgin olive oil [Paperback]

    Filippo Falugiani(Author)


    ISBN: 9788859616788
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Italy is most reknown for its olive oil, as well as for its culinary tradition. This publication, both a guide and a cookbook, provides us with useful information on how to pair our best dishes with extra virgin oil, thus exalting... .... Learn More
  3. Nature on the Table

    Nature on the Table: Fattoria di Volmiano: recipes and secrets [Paperback]

    Vittoria Gondi Citernesi(Author)


    ISBN: 9788856302189
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Series: I naturini
    Many wholesome and thrifty recipes, passed down from mother to daughter, written in a joyful, unpretentious style, without embellishments – they are a gift that keeps on giving. From starters to desserts, following the flow ... .... Learn More
  4. The Food and Cookery of Malta and Gozo

    The Food and Cookery of Malta and Gozo [Paperback]

    Helen Caruana Galizia(Author)


    ISBN: 9789993275572
    Published by : Midsea Books
    The Food and Cookery of Malta and Gozo' by Helen Caruana Galizia is not simply ‘another’ cookery book of Maltese dishes, but also a vivid description of the rapid changes in nutrition and food fashions. The author, although very consci... .... Learn More
  5. Fruit and Vegetable Preservation

    Fruit and Vegetable Preservation: Principles and Practices [Paperback]

    R.P. Srivastava(Author); Sanjeev Kumar(Author)


    ISBN: 9788123924373
    Published by : Oxford and IBH Publishers
    This is a comprehensive book useful for the students and teachers of horticulture, food technology and home science, and a handy guide for extension workers and home scale preservation for interested individuals as well.

    It discusses prod... .... Learn More
  6. Nutrirsi di altrove

    Nutrirsi di altrove: Le donne immigrate raccontano il loro viaggio fino all’Italia, ci trasmettono la loro storia e una ricetta come legame al loro paese di origine [Paperback]


    ISBN: 9788859616078
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Seventeen immigrant women from various countries around the world are telling us their stories: when did they arrive in Italy? Who welcomed them? What do they remember most about their homeland? They talk about hopes and dreams, b... .... Learn More
  7. Food, Cuisine and Society in Prehistoric Greece

    Food, Cuisine and Society in Prehistoric Greece [Paperback]

    Paul Halstead(Author); John C. Barrett(Author)


    ISBN: 9781842171677
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Volume: 5
    Food and drink, along with the material culture involved in their consumption, can signify a variety of social distinctions, identities and values. Thus, in Early Minoan Knossos, tableware was used to emphasize the difference betw... .... Learn More
  8. Digital atlas of traditional agricultural practices and food processing

    Digital atlas of traditional agricultural practices and food processing [Hardback]

    R.T.J. Cappers(Author); R. Neef(Author); R.M. Bekker(Author); F. Fantone(Author); Y. Okur(Author)


    ISBN: 9789492444004
    Published by : Barkhuis
    Series: Groningen Archaeological Studies
    Volume: 30
    This atlas is intended as a resource, not just for archaeobotanists hoping to reconstruct past foodways, but also for other archaeologists, palaeoecologists, ethnographers, and agricultural historians. Documenting an era of actual... .... Learn More
  9. Minima culinaria

    Minima culinaria: Riflessioni e piccole storie intorno al cibo [Paperback]

    Zeffiro Ciuffoletti(Author); Claudio Costagli(Editor)


    ISBN: 9788856301816
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Series: I naturini
    Eating is a simple act, but it has a strong cultural value: a phenomenon affecting our identity, like language and religion. This collection of short stories and thoughts about food and nutrition, starting from ancient times until... .... Learn More
  10. La nobiltà di Dante

    La nobiltà di Dante [Paperback]

    Umberto Carpi(Author)


    ISBN: 9788883047534
    Published by : Edizioni Polistampa
    Series: Studi su Dante
    Premessa Cap. I. Il fiorino e la nobiltà 1. A proposito di  Paradiso  XVI - 2. La rivelazione della nobiltà - 3. La dignità equestre - 4. La famiglia Alighieri - 5. La città mista - 6.... .... Learn More

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