Not just Porridge: English Literati at Table [Paperback]

Francesca Orestano(Editor); Michael Vickers(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784915780 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2017 | 198p, H9.75 x W7, Iillustrated throughout in black & white with 8 color pages
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Not just Porridge: English Literati at Table


The essays presented in Not just Porridge address both the scholar and the bold, adventurous cook. They offer the crumbs of what might be found in great and famous works of literature. Concocted in Italy by scholars of English and sifted through the judgement of the English editor, this volume traces a curious history of English literature, from the tasty and spicy recipes of the Middle Ages down to very recent times, threatened as they are by junk food and microwaved dinners. The authors of the essays have lingered on the threshold of the kitchen rather than in the library. Each chapter provides the recipes that best describe the writers involved, and their culinary times.

Table of Contents

Introduction. Food tasted and described: a kind of literary history (Francesca Orestano)

Roger of Ware: a medieval masterchef in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales (Cristina Paravano)

Caliban’s dinner (Margaret Rose)

At table with Dr Johnson: food for the body, nourishment for the mind (Giovanni Iamartino)

Jane Austen: appetite and sensibility (Chiara Biscella)

Romantic food at Dove Cottage: Dorothy Wordsworth’s cookery and kitchen garden (Anna Rudelli)

Percy Bysshe Shelley, a vegetarian poet (Marco Canani)

Mrs Beeton: cooking, science, and innovations in the Victorian kitchen (Beatrice Moja)

Charles Dickens from street food to the restaurant (Claudia Cremonesi)

Henry James goes on a diet: a chronicle of a private drama (Elena Ogliari)

Bennett, Strachey and the preparation of the omelette (Karin Mosca)

Leopold Bloom’s grilled mutton kidneys (Maria Cristina Mancini)

Virginia Woolf and the cooking range (Francesca Orestano)

A. A. Milne: Tea (and lots of honey) in the Hundred Acre Wood (Francesca Gorini)

Roald Dahl’s revolting food fantasies (Angela Anna Iuliucci)

Bridget Jones and the temptations of junk food (Ilaria Parini)

Coraline: frozen food vs a warm-hearted family? (Dalila Forni)

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