Fresh Fields and Pastures New: Papers Presented in Honor of Andrew M.T. Moore [Paperback]

Katina T. Lillios(Editor); Michael Chazan(Editor)

ISBN: 9789088903489 | Published by: Sidestone Press | Year of Publication: 2016 | Language: English 170p, 18bw/39fc
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Fresh Fields and Pastures New


This volume honors the career and contributions of Andrew M.T. Moore. Moore’s groundbreaking work at Abu Hureyra, Syria and excavations at Neolithic sites in Croatia have made him a pioneer in integrated interdisciplinary research in archaeology, expressing a deeply held conviction that developments in human culture can only be understood when embedded in an ecological approach. In this book, colleagues and former students of Moore, working in the Near East and Croatia, present current research, illustrating the continuing impact of Moore’s work on the early farming and herding peoples of the eastern Mediterranean.
Preface: People, Landscape, and Change in Prehistory
Michael Chazan and Katina Lillios
Andrew M.T. Moore: A Life in Service of Archaeology and the Academy
Katina Lillios
Abu Hureyra 1 in Northwest Syria: “Periphery” No More
Brian Boyd
Late Upper Paleolithic and Initial Epipaleolithic in the Marshlands: A View from Tor Sageer, Wadi al-Hasa, Jordan
Deborah Olszewski
A Road Well Travelled? Exploring Terminal Pleistocene Hunter-Gatherer Activities, Networks, and Mobility in Eastern Jordan
Lisa Maher
Risk Management and Modern Rural Behaviour: Reconstructing Landscapes and Landuse in Neolithic Cyprus
Sarah Tyrell Stewart
The Neolithic in Dalmatia and Andrew M.T. Moore’s Contribution to its Investigation
Marko Mendušic
Villages, Landscapes, and Early Farming in Northern Dalmatia
Sarah McClure and Emil Podrug
Navigating the Neolithic Adriatic
Timothy Kaiser and Stašo Forenbaher
Taking a Lévy Walk: Early Hominin Mobility in the Lower Paleolithic of the Southern Levant
Liora Horwitz and Michael Chazan
The Ordinary Neolithic People of Abu Hureyra
Theya Molleson

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