Episodes in the Gothic Revival: six church architects [Hardback]

Christopher Webster(Editor)

ISBN: 9781904965343 | Published by: Spire Books | Year of Publication: 2012 | Language: English 250p, 180 b/w images
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Episodes in the Gothic Revival


The stylistic shift during the nineteenth century which saw the Classical tradition challenged by a renewed interest in Gothic was one of the centurys most profound architectural developments. It was the result of a diverse range of influences, but ultimately the Gothic Revival was the product of a series of groundbreaking architects, each of which added his own particular contribution to the movement. The book identifies six of these individuals whose careers span the late-Georgian and Victorian periods, and who made a major contribution to the foundations, development or refinement of the style. They are: John Carter, Thomas Rickman, Thomas Taylor, R.C. Carpenter, G.E. Street, J.T. Micklethwaite. An introduction is followed by a substantial, illustrated chapter on each of these men which examines their lives, training, philosophy and buildings as a means of establishing their role in the revival.

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