The Spirit of Wang Yangming's Philosophy: The Realms of Being and Non-Being [Hardback]

Chen Lai(Author); Guoxing Chen(Translator); Prof. Lai Chen(Author)

ISBN: 9781626430655 | Published by: Bridge 21 Publications | Year of Publication: 2021 | 562p, H9 x W6,
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The Spirit of Wang Yangming's Philosophy


The book provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of Wang’s philosophy at different stages throughout its maturation so as to sketch the essential character and grand picture of Wang’s philosophy. As a systematic study of Wang’s philosophy, this monograph boasts a broad perspective, profound analysis and substantial historical data. It is a perfect manifestation of the author’s academic accomplishment and presents the readers with a panorama of Wang’s thought. Although the book is focused primarily on Wang, its scope and methodology carry great implications for the study of Song and Ming Confucianism and even ancient Chinese philosophy as a whole.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction
1. The Being of Ego and the Non-Being of Ego
2. Seriousness and Easefulness
3. Rationalism and Existentialism
Chapter 2 The Content of the Doctrine “Mind Is Principle”
1. The Initiation of the Doctrine: “Mind Is Principle”
2. The Content of the Doctrine: “Mind Is Principle”
3. Interpretation of the Doctrine “Mind Is Principle”
4. The Contradictions of the Doctrine “Mind Is Principle”
Chapter 3 Mind and Things
1. Mind and Intention
2. Intention and Events
3. Mind and Things
4. Mind and Things in the Same Body
Chapter 4 Mind and Nature
1. The Unaroused and Aroused Feelings
2. The Original Substance of the Mind
3. Mind and Nature
Chapter 5 Knowledge and Action
1. The Content of the Unity of Knowledge and Action Completion of Knowledge
2. The Purpose and Efforts of the Unity of Knowledge and Action
3. The Analysis of the Unity of Knowledge and Action
Chapter 6 Sincerity and Investigating Things
1. The Old Version of The Great Learning and its Preface
2. Sincerity
3. The Investigation of Things and the Investigation of Mind
4. Debates on the Investigation of Things
5. The Doctrine of the Investigation of Things in Inquires into The Great Learning
Chapter 7 The Innate Knowledge and the Extension of Innate Knowledge
1. Putting Forward the Doctrine of the Extension of Innate Knowledge
2. The Innate Knowledge
3. The Extension of Innate Knowledge
4. From the Investigation of Things to the Extension of Knowledge
Chapter 8 Being and Non-Being
1. The Discussion at Tianquan Bridge
2. No Distinction Between Good and Evil
3. The Original Substance of Mind and the Original Substance of Nature
4. Confucianism and Buddhism
5. Being and Non-Being
6. A Conversation at Yantan
Chapter 9 The Spiritual Realm
1. The Realm of Being and Non-Being
2. Non-Being of Ego as the Foundation
3. The Unrestrained Mind
4. Forming One Body with Things
Chapter 10 Efforts
1. The Internal and the External, the Root and the Branch
2. Being and Non-Being, Activity and Tranquility in Efforts
Chapter 11 Conclusion
1. Yangming’s Spiritual Progress in His Early Life
2. Yangming’s Teaching Method in His Middle Age
3. The Perfection of Yangming’s Thoughts in His Old Age
4. The Change and Development of the Yangming School after His Death
Appendix Mysticism in the Traditional Learning of the Heart (Xinxue)

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