Borough Government in Restoration Grantham: The Hall Book of Grantham, 1662-1704 [Hardback]

John B. Manterfield(Editor); Nicholas Bennett(Editor)

ISBN: 9781910653081 | Published by: Lincoln Record Society | Series: Publications of the Lincoln Record Society | Volume: 110 | Year of Publication: 2022 | 408p, H9.25 x W6.25, 8 b/w illus.
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Borough Government in Restoration Grantham


The key theme of the Hall Book remains Borough Governance. The town's charters and rights were confirmed and extended in 1664 by the Charter of Charles II. James II's Charter of 1685 led to the Alderman becoming Mayor, the First Twelve becoming Aldermen and the Second Twelve becoming Councillors. James also sought to extend his powers with more rights to interfere, as with other cities and boroughs across the country. The Quo Warranto issued in April 1688 and the removal of six Aldermen resulted in an un-sought for Charter later in 1688 but this may not have even been physically received in Grantham as the events of the Glorious Revolution intervened and governance was restored under the terms of the 1631 Charter of Charles I. The borough of Grantham was then governed in these terms until the Municipal Corporations Act of 1835. Subsidiary themes include the precautions against plague in 1665; the issue and recall of the town's half-pennies in 1667-1674; references to non-conformity in 1668-69 and the lives of some of the Corporation members as measured through increases in personal wealth and the possession of a greater range of furnishings throughout the period and changes in house-size and structure.

Table of Contents

The Hall Book
The Town of Grantham in the Late Seventeenth Century
The Corporation: Historical Background and Composition
The Charter of 1664
Strained Relations within the Soke
Responding to the Threat of Plague in 1665
The Borough's Half Pence
The Church and Religious Dissent in Grantham
The Grammar School
The Borough and its Members of Parliament
The Charters of 1685 and 1688
Borough Governance, 1689-1704
The Red Lyon Saga, 1662-1704
Other Corporate Responsibilities

The Hall Book of Grantham, 1662-1704

Courts and Assemblies, 1662-1704
List of Aldermen, Comburgesses and Second Twelvemen, 1662-1704

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