The Navy and Anglo-Scottish Union, 1603-1707 [Hardback]

Colin Helling(Author)

ISBN: 9781783277049 | Published by: Boydell Press | Year of Publication: 2022 | 304p, H9.25 x W6.25, 1 map, 1 illus.
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The Navy and Anglo-Scottish Union, 1603-1707


For most of the century the Scottish crown had no separate naval force which made the Stuart monarchs' navy, seen by them as a personal not a state force, unusual in being an institution which had a relationship with both kingdoms. This did not necessarily make the navy a shared organisation, as it continued to be financed from and based in England and was predominantly English. Nevertheless, the navy is an unusually good prism through which the nature of the regal union, and the 1650s Cromwellian union, can be interrogated as English commanded ships interacted with Scottish authorities, and as Scots looked to the navy for protection from foreign invaders, such as the Dutch in the Forth in 1667, and for Scottish merchant ships trading with the Baltic and elsewhere. These interactions were often constructive and harmonious, but there were also many instances of tensions, particularly in the 1690s. Overall, the book illustrates how ambiguous and unclear-cut the relationship between England and Scotland was throughout the seventeenth century.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations
Note on Conventions
Introduction: New Histories and Composite Monarchies
I. Aspiration 1603-52
1. A Whole Isle: Jacobean navy and union
2. Union of Arms: War against France and Spain 1625-30
3. Sovereignty of the British Seas: Union of maritime rights?
4. Covenant and Union: The navy and the formulation of Covenanter policy
5. Engagement and Conquest: Sea power and the Covenanters' defeat
II. Integration 1652-88
6. Accessory Union: The Cromwellian occupation
7. Lowestoft to Leith: The Second Dutch War
8. Britannia: British aspects of the Restoration navy
9. Toward Union of the Admiralties: British command in the Restoration era
III. Disruption 1688-170710. Revolution: The navy and the Franco-Jacobite threat
11. Embargo: Tensions surrounding economic warfare at sea
12. One Navy to Two: The rebirth of a Scottish squadron
13. Acts and Wars of Succession: The two navies to the union
14. Parliamentary Union: The navy in the union debate
Conclusion: A Shared Institution?

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