The Snowy Snap: The Story of Chaturman Rai, Himalayan folk-photographer and film-maker [Paperback]

Martino Nicoletti(Author)

ISBN: 9788857526669 | Published by: Mimesis International | Series: Sociology | Year of Publication: 2015 | Language: English 296p,
Status: This book is out of print.

The Snowy Snap


n a remote Himalayan village without electricity or running water, young Chaturman, a shepherd and peasant belonging to the Tibeto-Burmese ethnic group of the Kulunge, has cultivated for many years a passion for photography. Chaturman has been able to appreciate this distant art thanks to the encounter with many itinerant photographers: enigmatic characters that, not until recently, passed through the farthest villages of Nepal as nomad professional photographers. Self-taught and a total experimenter, Chaturman develops his work with rudimental materials, always pressed by everyday necessities. In spite of this, his gaze fixes on one of the most remote and seductive corners of Asia. The resulting images take the surreal to its very limits and can hardly leave anyone indifferent.

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