Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities [Paperback]

Katy Bell(Editor)

ISBN: 9781789690859 | Published by: Archaeopress Access Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2019 | 160p, H10.75 x W8, 62 figures (15 plates in color)
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Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities


‘Bridging the Gap in Maritime Archaeology: Working with Professional and Public Communities’ marks the publication of a conference session held at CIfA 2014. The session was organised by the Marine Archaeology Special Interest Group which is a voluntary group of CIfA Archaeologists which exists to promote greater understanding of marine archaeology within the wider archaeological community. The session focused on ways in which it is possible, given the obvious constraints of working in the marine environment, to engage with a wider audience in the course of maritime archaeological work. The volume presents a series of case studies exhibiting best practice with regard to individual maritime projects and examples of outreach to local communities, including the creation of accessibility to remote and hard-to-reach archaeological sites.

Table of Contents


Creating Maritime Archaeology Research Communities – by Katy Bell

Archaeological Skills in a Commercial Marine Environment: What marine archaeologists need to succeed in a development-led context – by Andrea T. Hamel and Toby Gane

Experience is Everything: England’s Protected Wreck Diver Trails – by Mark Beattie-Edwards

Not Necessarily between a Rock and a Hard Place: English Heritage, Tyneside BSAC and Wessex Archaeology working together at the Gun Rocks wreck – by Peta Knott

A Maritime Archaeological Case Study on the Understanding and Appreciation of Heritage – by Paola Palma

Bamburgh Wreck: Opportunity in the intertidal zone – by Jessica Berry, Kevin Stratford and Steve Brown

Scottish Island Dwellings: Combining research, fieldwork and local knowledge – by Robert Lenfert

Deriving Archaeological Information from Potentially-Polluting Wrecks – by A. Liddell and M. Skelhorn

Protected Wrecks – Community Archaeology in Action – by Terence Newman

Building a Community-Based Platform for Underwater Archaeology: and a Web 2.0 solution for public outreach and research collaborations – by Peter B. Campbell

Developing Maritime Archaeology Education and Outreach in the Balkans – by Peter B. Campbell, Derek M. Smith, Jeffrey G. Royal, Christopher T. Begley, Petra Zdravkovic, Derek Irwin

Conclusion – by Katy Bell on behalf of MASIG

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