Museums, Heritage, and Digital Curation: Theory and practice at the Allard Pierson [Paperback]

Prof. Dr. Wim Hupperetz(Author)

ISBN: 9789464260748 | Published by: Sidestone Press | Year of Publication: 2022 | Language: English 176p, H10 x W7, 50 full color/5 b&w
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Museums, Heritage, and Digital Curation


Heritage institutions face major changes in the areas of digitization, narrative, inclusivity, and participation. In this groundbreaking book Wim Hupperetz, an expert in the field of museums, heritage, and digital curation, reflects on the challenge of change. How does a museum move from an object or a collection to storytelling, and what is the impact of digitization on curatorship? How to assess the biography of a collection when you think of museums as a medium of memory? And in striving to achieve a participatory dialogue, what is the difference between collaborating and doing things together?

In six chapters, theory and practice are juxtaposed. Each chapter concludes with practical dos and don’ts. This book is also meant as a tribute to everyone who has contributed to the renovation of the Allard Pierson, the museum and knowledge institute where the collections of the University of Amsterdam are preserved and presented.

Museums, Heritage and Digital Curation is intended for heritage professionals and students who want to gain insight into the debate in a rapidly changing field.

Table of Contents


1. The museum as a medium of memory
The museum in the 21st century
Organising openness
Museums and modernity
Museums and the culture of remembrance
Recollection and historical awareness
Case studies
The paradox of nostalgia
New narratives
Do’s and don’ts

2. The biography of collections
Investigating provenance
Dynamic heritage
The memory of a collection
Case studies
Biographical notes
Colonial context
Do’s and don’ts

3. Collaborating, cooperating and acting together
Managing change
Various levels
Case studies
Do’s and don’ts

4. From object to narrative
The evolution of a new semi-permanent collection presentation
Presentation history
Connecting the archaeological and the special collections
The overkill pitfall
The refurbishment evaluated
Case studies
Do’s and don’ts

5. Digital curation
Challenges of Digital Curation
The digital heritage paradox
Support tools
Shifts in digital heritage practice
In search of digital added value and sustainability
Case studies
Do’s and don’ts

6. Towards a participatory dialogue
Heritage as a platform
Practice and process
Constant transformation
Two-way traffic
Case studies
Do’s and don’ts


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