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  1. Die vorrömischen Namen Pannoniens

    Die vorrömischen Namen Pannoniens [Paperback]

    Peter Anreiter(Author)


    ISBN: 9789638046390
    Published by : Archaeolingua
    Series: Archaeolingua Minor Series
    Volume: 16
    Die vorliegende Untersuchung behandelt das geographische Namengut der römischen Provinz Pannonien innerhalb der seit Kaiser Trajan festgelegten Grenzen. Aufgrund des onomastischen Befundes lassen sich in Pannonien mehrere Sprachschichten erke... .... Learn More
  2. Translating Literature

    Translating Literature [Hardback]

    Susan Bassnett(Editor); Andre Lefevere(Contributor); Felicity Rosslyn(Contributor); John Corbett(Contributor); Piotr Kuhiwczak(Contributor)


    ISBN: 9780859915229
    Published by : D.S. Brewer
    Series: Essays and Studies
    Volume: 50
    Interest in the issues of translation continues to grow, and is reflected in this collection of essays by specialists in both literature and translation studies, all of whom have experience of translating literary texts themselves. The essays incl... .... Learn More
  3. Calderón: Estructura y Ejemplaridad

    Calderón: Estructura y Ejemplaridad [Hardback]

    Robert Pring-Mill(Author); Nigel Griffin(Author); Nigel Griffin(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781855660595
    Published by : Tamesis Books
    Series: Monografías A
    Volume: 175
    Dr Pring-Mill is one of the most eminent Calderón scholars, and this volume demonstrates the development of his critical thinking over a period of some forty years. The essays, collected in one volume for the first time, and fullyrevised an... .... Learn More
  4. Romanian / Limba Română

    Romanian / Limba Română [Hardback]

    James Augerot(Author)


    ISBN: 9789739839204
    Published by : Center for Romanian Studies
    This comprehensive course in modern Romanian is intended for English-speaking university students and others interested in learning this Eastern Romance language. Its purpose is to provide English speakers interested in Romania with a comprehensiv... .... Learn More
  5. Studia Celtica Et Indogermanica

    Studia Celtica Et Indogermanica: festschrift fur Wolfgang Meid [Hardback]

    Erzsébet Jerem(Author); Peter Anreiter(Editor); Erzsébet Jerem(Editor)


    ISBN: 9789638046284
    Published by : Archaeolingua
    59 papers on Celtic and Indo-European culture and literature, focusing in the main on linguistic issues. Essays mostly in German, a handful in English. .... Learn More
  6. Nostratic

    Nostratic: Examining a Linguistic Macrofamily [Paperback]

    A. Colin Renfrew(Author); Daniel Nettle(Author)

    Regular Price: $54.00

    Special Price: $19.98

    ISBN: 9781902937007
    Published by : McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
    Series: Papers in Historical Linguistics
    This volume of essays examines the claim that a linguistic macrofamily can be identified which includes not only the Indo-European and Afroasiatic language families but also the Kartvelian, Uralic,Altaic and Dravidian families. The Nostratic case ... .... Learn More
  7. Die Religion im Keltischen Hispanien

    Die Religion im Keltischen Hispanien [Paperback]

    Francisco Marco Simon(Author)


    ISBN: 9789638046246
    Published by : Archaeolingua
    A survey of religious practices in central and north west Spain in the Iron Age and early Roman periods. The author discusses the literary and archaeological sources for our knowledge of Celtic ritual in this region and then examines the evidence ... .... Learn More
  8. Catalogue of English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library

    Catalogue of English Legal Manuscripts in Cambridge University Library: With Codicological Descriptions of the Early MSS [Hardback]

    J.H. Baker(Editor); J.S. Ringrose(Editor)


    ISBN: 9780851153766
    Published by : Boydell Press
    The English legal manuscripts in Cambridge University Library form one of the most important collections in the world. The principal treasures derive from the renowned library, containing over 230 volumes, collected by John Moore (d.1714), Bishop ... .... Learn More
  9. Onomasticon Provinciarum Europae Latinarum

    Onomasticon Provinciarum Europae Latinarum: Vol. I. A-B [Hardback]

    Barnabás Lrincz(Editor); Ferenc Red(Editor)


    ISBN: 9789638046024
    Published by : Archaeolingua
    Series: Archaeolingua Main Series
    Volume: 3
    This is the first volume, including the letters A and B, of a four-volume edition of the names of persons represented on inscriptions from the European provinces of the Roman Empire. The present work is based on A. Mócsy's Nomenclator provi... .... Learn More

Items 41 to 49 of 49 total

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