Travelling Ideas in the Long Nineteenth Century [Paperback]

Petra Broomans(Editor); Janke Klok(Editor)

ISBN: 9789492444936 | Published by: Barkhuis | Series: Studies in Cultural Transfer and Transmission | Volume: 8 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 240p, H8.27 x W5.31, Fully Illustrated
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Travelling Ideas in the Long Nineteenth Century


Travelling Ideas in the Long Nineteenth Century is about how ideas travel on the waves of cultural transfer. The volume focuses in particular on the exchange of ideas, knowledge and culture between the Nordic countries and continental Europe. It includes reflections on traveling and transmitting ideas through various forms, and takes a step further in scrutinizing how new theories in literary, cultural and historical studies, as well as new methods, are influencing research in the field of cultural transfer and transmission.

In the first part of the volume, the authors examine the export and import of ideas through literature in translation, travel letters, international education strategies and the establishment of artists' colonies. Attention is paid to how writers, artists and cultural transmitters used their cross-border mobility in transferring ideas and how they were connected to each other in new contact zones.

The second part is dedicated to new research approaches, such as the use of digital instruments, and research on the strategies and politics behind translated literature. Here, translation bibliographies and the bibliographical data of national libraries, which today are often accessible in digital form, come under scrutiny. These sources are valuable objects of study in the mining of translation flows.

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