The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 45 [Paperback]

Markus Wessendorf(Editor)

ISBN: 9780985195687 | Published by: Camden House | Series: Brecht Yearbook | Volume: Volume 45 | Year of Publication: 2020 | 390p, H9 x W6, 27 black and white
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The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 45


Published for the International Brecht Society by Camden House, the Brecht Yearbook is the central scholarly forum for discussion of Brecht's life and work and of topics of particular interest to him, especially the politics of literature and of theater in a global context. It includes a wide variety of perspectives and approaches and, like Brecht himself, is committed to the use value of literature, theater, and theory.
Volume 45 is the first of two volumes dedicated to the proceedings of the 16th Symposium of the IBS, "Brecht Among Strangers," held at Leipzig University in 2019. It features three sections: "Among Strangers - Brecht's Figures of Strangeness," "From East to West and Vice Versa - Geographic Integration," and "Global Estrangements - Brecht in the Age of Globalization." The articles cover a wide range of artists who engage(d) with Brecht and his work from such thematic perspectives - including Benno Besson, Arvind Gaur, Meng Jinghui, Mei Lan-fang, Peter Lorre, Koreya Senda, SIGNA, Konrad Swinarski, and Sergei Tretyakov - and link them to questions of alterity, dramaturgy, Gestus/gestures, pedagogy, realism, and singularity. The contributors include Gerda Baumbach, Aurélien Bellucci, Veronika Darian, Rico Dietzmeyer, Helen Fehervary, Zbigniew Feliszewski, Francesco Fiorentino, Anna Häusler, Günther Heeg, Eiichiro Hirata, Torben Ibs, Anja Klöck, Nikolaus Müller-Schöll, Astrid Oesmann, Patrick Primavesi, Tanja Prokic, Christoph Püngel, Kevin Rittberger, Sergei Romashko, Franziska Schubert, Melanie Selfe, Leonie Sowa, Kai Tuchmann, Lydia White, Noah Willumsen, and others.

The editorial team for this volume consists of managing editor Markus Wessendorf (University of Hawai'i at Manoa) and guest editors Micha Braun and Günther Heeg (both Leipzig University), and Vera Stegmann (Lehigh University).

Table of Contents

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Among Strangers-Brecht's Figures of Strangeness
"Ohne Halt und in groer Fahrt." Brecht im Transit. Gestisch leben - Günther Heeg
Theaterarbeit unter Fremden: Brechts Arbeit als Dramaturg - Nikolaus Müller-Schöll
Strange(rs) Among Strangers. Some Remarks - Veronika Darian
Singularity and Remainder: Brecht's Theater of Others - Lydia J. White
Brecht's Reading of the Early Marx: The Alienation of Labor and the Dialectic of the Familar and the Strange - Melanie Selfe
Wie im (falschen) Film: Brecht und die Arbeit mit nicht/professionellen Akteuren - Patrick Primavesi
Ansätze zu einer Pädagogik der Fremdheit bei Brecht - Francesco Fiorentino
From East to West and Vice Versa-Geographic Integration
From Aesthetics to History: Brecht's Encounter with Mei Lanfang and Gestural Theater - Astrid Oesmann
Der fremde Freund. Proben aus der Theaterarbeit von Benno Besson in der DDR - Gerda Baumbach and Rico Dietzmeyer and Christoph Püngel and Franziska Schubert
Bertolt Brecht-ein dekadenter Künstler? Rekonstruktion einer Debatte von 1949 - Torben Ibs
Speaking (of) Brecht in the East-West Conflict: Brecht's Changing Concepts of Gestus and the Invention of Gestic Speech in Germany in the 1970s - Anja Klöck
"Was nicht fremd ist, findet befremdlich!" Swinarskis und Brechts Theatertheorien und -praxis - Zbigniew Feliszewski
The Strange Name and Ambiguous Gestures of a Japanese Brechtian in the Social Combustion of Prewar Tokyo - Eiichiro Hirata
Karambolage Gorki-Brecht-Tretjakow: Die Mutter als Roman/Theaterstück/Übersetzung - Sergei A. Romashko
Brecht's Lorre: The Gentle Stranger - Helen Fehervary
Global Estrangements-Brecht in the Age of Globalization
Für eine Dramaturgie der Alterität-Zum Dramaturgie-Unterricht an der Pekinger Central Academy of Drama - Kai Tuchmann
Liberté de circulation, toujours (Lecture-Performance) - Kevin Rittberger
Abstraktion, Einfühlung, Fremdwerden: SIGNA mit Brecht, Brecht mit SIGNA - Anna Häusler and Tanja Prokic
Politics of Dis-Estrangement: Brecht Is No Stranger in Asia Today - Aurélien Bellucci
Flüchtlingsinterviews: Brecht im Gespräch 1935 - Noah Willumsen
Book Reviews
Annett Gröschner und Christian Hippe (Hrsg.). Laxheit in Fragen geistigen Eigentums. Brecht und Urheberrecht - Tom Kuhn
Norman Roessler and Anthony Squiers (eds.). Philosophizing Brecht: Critical Readings on Art, Consciousness, Social Theory and Performance - Lydia J. White
Simon Critchley. Tragedy, the Greeks, and Us - Anna Street
Gerd Dietrich. Kulturgeschichte der DDR - Matthias Rothe
Jürgen Hillesheim. Zwischen Affirmation und Verweigerung. Bertolt Brecht und die Revolution - Florian Vaen
Nenad Jovanovic. Brechtian Cinemas: Montage and Theatricality in Jean-Marie Straub and Danile Huillet, Peter Watkins, and Lars von Trier; Angelos Koutsourakis. Rethinking Brechtian Film Theory and Cinema - Olivia Landry

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