Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 48 2018: Papers from the fifty-first meeting of the Seminar for Arabian Studies held at the British Museum, London, 4th to 6th August 2017 [Paperback]

Julian Jansen van Rensburg(Editor); Harry Munt(); Harry Munt(Editor); Tim Power(Editor); Janet Starkey(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784918774 | Published by: Archaeopress Access Archaeology | Series: Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies | Volume: 48 | Year of Publication: 2018 | 380p, H9.75 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies Volume 48 2018


The Seminar for Arabian Studies has come a long way since 1968 when it was first convened, yet it remains the principal international academic forum for research on the Arabian Peninsula. This is clearly reflected in the ever-increasing number of researchers from all over the world who come each year to the three-day Seminar to present and discuss their latest research and fieldwork. The Seminar has covered, and continues to cover, an extensive range of diverse subjects that include anthropology, archaeology, architecture, art, epigraphy, ethnography, history, language, linguistics, literature, numismatics, theology, and more, from the earliest times to the present day or, in the fields of political and social history, to around the end of the Ottoman Empire (1922/1923). Papers presented at the Seminar have all been subjected to an intensive review process before they are accepted for publication in the Proceedings. The rigorous nature of the reviews undertaken by a range of specialists ensures that the highest academic standards are maintained. A supplementary volume, ‘Languages, scripts and their uses in ancient North Arabia’ edited by M.C.A. Macdonald (ISBN 9781784918996, Archaeopress, 2018), is also available containing the proceedings from the special session held during the seminar on 5 August 2017.

Table of Contents

Editors’ Foreword

Bayt Bin Himd, a case study of a merchant’s house in old Jiddah (poster) – by Hidaya M. Abbas

Documenting the traditional architecture of Khatbah village in Saudi Arabia (poster) – by Aisha Alshehri

Liminality: narratives of identity on Abu Dhabi’s desert islands – by Marie-Claire Bakker & Mariam Yousef Alhammadi

Bahrah 1: eight years of excavations of an Ubaid culture-related settlement in the al-Sabiyyah desert (Kuwait) – by Piotr Bieliński

From tentscape to landscape: a multi-scale analysis of long-term patterns of occupation in north-west Qatar – by Jose C. Carvajal López, Kirk Roberts, Laura Morabito, Gareth Rees, Frank Stremke, Anke Marsh, Robert Carter & FayΒal ΚAbd Allāh al-NaΚīmī

Living in Madāin Sālih/Hegra during the late pre-Islamic period. The excavations of Area 1 in the ancient city – by Guillaume Charloux, Charlène Bouchaud, Caroline Durand, Yvonne Gerber & Jacqueline Studer

The origins of Abrahah’s cathedral and the Great Mosque — a water sanctuary of the old Arabian religion – by Werner Daum

Use of archival aerial photographs for archaeological research in the Arabian Gulf – by Richard N. Fletcher, Robert A. Carter & Frederick Nesta

Bridging the enclosure and the tower tomb: new insights from the Wādī Sharmā sites, north-west Arabia – by Sumio Fujii

The LCG2 complex at Dibbā (Musandam, Oman, II–I millennium BC): structural, material, and osteological elements – by Francesco Genchi, Luciano Fattore, Alessia Nava & Elena Maini

Magnetometer survey of a Hafit monumental complex, al-Khashbah, Sultanate of Oman (poster) – by Jason T. Herrmann, Jörg W.E. Faßbinder, Marion Scheiblecker, Philippe Kluge, Stephanie Döpper & Conrad Schmidt

New evidence of Iron Age ritual practices in central Oman: 2017 excavations in Mudmār East, near Ādam – by Mathilde Jean, Maria Paola Pellegrino & Guillaume Gernez

New light on Bronze Age trade in the Arabian Gulf: a Dilmun trading port on Sīr Banī Yās island, UAE – by Abdulla Khalfan Al Kaabi & Ali Abdul Rahman Al Meqbali

Results from the 2009–2016 excavation seasons in the historical centre of Dūmat al-Jandal, ancient Adummatu – by Romolo Loreto

The new archaeological joint project on the site of Qurayyah, north-west Arabia: results of the first two excavation seasons – by Marta Luciani & Abdullah S. Alsaud

Life and living conditions in north-west Arabia during the Bronze Age: first results from the bioarchaeological work at Qurayyah – by Marta Luciani, Michaela Binder & Abdullah S. Alsaud

Sea level and climatic influences on the occupation of Qatar and the Gulf during the Holocene period – by Phillip G. Macumber

The Neolithic of Sharbithāt (Dhofar, Sultanate of Oman): typological, technological, and experimental approaches – by Maria Pia Maiorano, Grégor Marchand, Jérémie Vosges, Jean-François Berger, Federico Borgi & Vincent Charpentier

The historical context of grave 58 (G58) from the Sināw area (al-Sharqiyyah, Sultanate of Oman): a warrior during the Samad Late Iron Age? (poster) – by Fausto Mauro

Women in Soqotri and Omani folklore – by Vitaly Naumkin & Leonid Kogan

The early Islamic glass from Sīr Banī Yās, UAE – by Matt Phelps, St John Simpson & Ian C. Freestone

Late Islamic fishing industry in the Gulf: the case of Kharā’ib al-Dasht, Jazīrat Faylakā (poster) – by Agnieszka Pieńkowska & Marta Mierzejewska

Routes across Arabia: pilgrimage routes from the region of the modern United Arab Emirates in historical context – by Fergus Reoch

The Thāj Archaeological Project: results of the first field season – by Jérôme Rohmer, Ahmad Al-Jallad, Mahmud al-Hajiri, Rozan Alkhatib Alkontar, Tara Beuzen-Waller, Paul Calou, Damien Gazagne & Kosmas Pavlopoulos

A tumulus cemetery on the north coast of Kuwait Bay: results of survey and excavation in the al-Sabiyyah region – by Łukasz Rutkowski

KALAM reloaded – by Ronald Ruzicka

Al-’Ayn Oases Mapping Project: al-Hīlī Oasis 2017 – by Peter Sheehan, Timothy Power & Omar Salem Al Kaabi

New data from the renewed excavation at Salūt: the Iron Age settlement (Qaryat Salūt) – by Enrica Tagliamonte & Alessandra Avanzini

Understanding the urban space of an Arabian oasis: the residential quarter of Taymā’ – by Luna Watkins

Papers read at the Seminar for Arabian Studies held at the British Museum, London, 4 to 6 August 2017

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