Society for Italian Studies

The Society for Italian Studies is a registered charity (no. 313786) which has as its object 'to advance public education by furthering the study of Italy, Italian language, literature, thought, history, society and arts in the United Kingdom and Ireland'.

It does this through its publications (the bi-annual journal Italian Studies, and a series of Occasional Papers), conferences (a residential conference is held every two years, with a smaller, themed event in alternate years) and its Annual General Meeting and Colloquium (usually held in London in early January). It also sponsors an annual Postgraduate Colloquium. See this page for details of all conferences. The Committee will also consider requests for subventions, not normally exceeding £300, for conferences and other events organized by members of the Society: applications should be submitted providing full information as requested and according to the deadlines outlined on the appropriate form, which may be downloaded from this page.

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