KOINE: Mediterranean Studies in Honor of R. Ross Holloway [Hardback]

Derek Counts(Editor); Anthony Tuck(Editor)

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ISBN: 9781842173794 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Joukowsky Institute Publication | Volume: 1 | Year of Publication: 2009 | Language: English 288p, 137b/w illus
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The Oxford English Dictionary defines koine as 'a set of cultural or other attributes common to various groups' . This volume merges an academic career over a half century in breadth and scope with an editorial vision that brings together a chorus of scholarly contributions echoing the core principles of R. Ross Holloways own unique perspective on ancient Mediterranean studies. Through broadly conceived themes, the four individual sections of this volume (I. A View of Classical Art: Iconography in Context; II. Crossroads of the Mediterranean: Cultural Entanglements Across the Connecting Sea; III. Coins as Culture: Art and Coinage from Sicily; and IV. Discovery and Discourse, Archaeology and Interpretation) are an attempt to capture the many and varied trajectories of thought that have marked his career and serve as testimony to the significance of his research. The twenty-four papers (plus four introductory essays to the individual sections, biographical sketch and main introduction) contain recent research on subjects ranging from the Kleophrades Painter to the Black Sea, Sicilian Coinage and archaeology in modern Rome.

Table of Contents

Biographical Sketch and Curriculum Vitae (E. Cova)
Introduction (D. B. Counts and A. S. Tuck)
Section I: A View of Classical Art: Iconography in Context
Introductory Essay (S. Allen)
Early Greek Architectural Decoration in Function (C. Marconi)
Ambidexterity in the Tarquinia Krater of the Kleophrades Painter (M. Bell, III)
Orestes in Athens (H. A. Shapiro)
The Three-Figured Reliefs: Copies or Neoattic Creations? (P. E. Nulton)
Some Observations on the Flavian Victory Monuments of Rome (J. Magness)
Imperial Triumph and Apotheosis: The Arch of Titus in Rom (N. J. Norman)
Heaven’s Exarchs: Early Byzantine Archangels and the Delegation of Power (J. Kenfield)
Section II: Crossroads of the Mediterranean: Cultural Entanglements Across the Connecting Sea
Introductory Essay (R. H. Sinos)
The Corrupting Sea and the Hospitable Sea: Some Early Thoughts Toward a Regional History of the Black Sea (O. P. Doonan)
Imports, Imitations and Immigrants: A Note on Pithekoussai (A. M. Hussein)
Between East and West: A New Reconstruction of the Decorated Architrave Frieze of the Athena Temple at Assos and the Regional Tradition of Unconventional Architectural Decoration in East Greece (C. Maggidis)
An Etruscan Demon in Pompeii (L. Bonfante)
Reflections on an Interesting Historical Parallel: The Sikels of Fifth Century BCE Sicily and the Cherokee in Nineteenth Century North America (B. E. McConnell)
The Greek House in Sicily: Influence and Innovation in the Hellenistic Period (B. Tsakirgis)
Section III: Coins as Culture: Art and Coinage from Sicily
Introductory Essay (C. Arnold-Biucchi)
Dating the Period of the “Signing Artists” of Sicilian Coinage (K. Rutter)
New Coin Types in Late Fifth-Century Sicily (S. Pope)
Ancient Sicilian Coins in a Brazilian Private Collection (M. B. Florenzano)
Section IV: Discovery and Discourse: Archaeology and Interpretation
Introductory Essay (A. M. Bietti Sestieri)
Infinite Attention to Detail: A Slice of Sicily in the Third and Second Millennia BCE (S. S. Lukesh)
The Greek Entablature and Wooden Antecedents (B. A. Barletta)
Highlights of the Brown University Excavations at the Petra Great Temple (1993-2006) (M. S. Joukowsky)
The Marbles of Three Mythological Sarcophagi at RISD and of Other Sarcophagi Found in Central Italy (F. Van Keuren, with L. P. Gromet)
Women’s Desire, Archaeology, and Feminist Theory (N. B. Kampen)
From Mazzini to Richard Meier: Archaeology and Urban Ideology in Modern Rome (S. L. Dyson)

Reviews & Quotes

"Apart from its quality, another reason this impressive publication is good news is because it is the first in a new series of monographs from Brown Universitys Joukowsky Institute, one of the leading institutions in the world of archaeological research. In the preface, the editors thank John Cherry as general editor and Sue Alcock as the director of the Institute, and the whole team makes a second volume in the series worth looking forward to.'"
Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2010.06.08 Derek B. Counts, Anthony S. Tuck (ed.), Koine: Mediterranean S
Bryn Mawr Classical Review (2010.06.08)

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