Leucarum: Excavations at the Roman Auxiliary Fort at Loughor, West Glamorgan 1982-84 and 1987-88 [Paperback]

A. G. Marvell(Author); H. S. Owen-John(Author)

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ISBN: 9780907764212 | Published by: Roman Society Publications | Series: Britannia Monographs | Volume: 12 | Year of Publication: 1997 | Language: English 448p, 155 figs, 26 pls
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The Roman fort at Loughor was founded in c. AD 75 and occupied continuously until the early 120s. The fort was then reduced and was reoccupied from c. 270 until the early fourth century. Excavation was concentrated on the defences and part of the interior. Detailed examination of the defences enabled useful analysis of construction methods. In the interior of the Flavio-Trajanic fort, a sequence of granaries was followed by a series of praetoria . Analysis of these buildings has enabled a reconsideration of the form and function of Commander's houses in auxiliary forts. This volume includes full reports on the finds which included coins, lamps, glass and intaglios.

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