Schiller's Literary Prose Works: New Translations and Critical Essays [Paperback]

Jeffrey L. High(Editor)

ISBN: 9781571134967 | Published by: Camden House | Series: Studies in German Literature Linguistics and Culture | Volume: Volume 97 | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 302p, H9 x W6,
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Schiller's Literary Prose Works


Friedrich Schiller was a dramatist and poet for the ages, an important aesthetic theorist, and among Germany's first historians. But he left few works of literary prose behind -- seven short tales and fragments, almost all from early in his career -- and although they include some of his most resonant in his own time, they are largely overlooked today. Several of the pieces -- which include The Ghost-Seer, A Magnanimous Act from Most Recent History, The Criminal of Lost Honor: A True Story, A Curious Example of Female Vengeance, Duke Alba at Breakfast at Castle Rudolstadt, Play of Fate: A Fragment of a True Story, and Haoh-Kiöh-Tschuen -- have never before appeared in English translation. But they are a seminal link in the evolution of the then-nascent German novella. They exhibit the anthropological curiosity and moral confusion that made Schiller's first drama, The Robbers, a sensation, demonstrating an original artistry that justifies consideration of scholars and students today, on the eve of the 250th anniversary of his birth. New translations of the seven works appear here together with introductory critical essays. Contributors: Jeffrey L. High, Nicholas Martin, Otto W. Johnston, Gail K. Hart, Dennis F. Mahoney; Translators: Francis Lamport, Ian Codding, Jeffrey L. High, Ellis Dye, Edward T. Larkin, Carrie Ann Collenberg Jeffrey L. High is Associate Professor at California State University Long Beach.

Table of Contents

Foreword - Lesley SharpePreface - Jeffrey L. HighIntroduction: Schiller and the German Novella - Jeffrey L. HighA Magnanimous Act from Most Recent History (Friedrich Schiller, 1782)) - Ian CoddingA Remarkable Example of Female Revenge (Taken from a Manuscript by the Late Denis Diderot) (Friedrich Schiller, 1785) - Ellis DyeThe Criminal of Lost Honor. A True Story (Friedrich Schiller, 1786) - Jeffrey L. HighDuke Alba's Breakfast at Rudolstadt Castle in the Year 1547 (Friedrich Schiller, 1788) - Ian CoddingGame of Fate. A Fragment of a True Story (Friedrich Schiller, 1789) - Edward T. LarkinThe Spiritualist. From the Memoirs of Count von O** (Friedrich Schiller, 1789) - F. J. LamportThe Philosophical Dialog from The Spiritualist (Friedrich Schiller, 1789) - Helen KilgallenHaoh-Kiöh-Tschuen (The Tale of a Perfect Match) (Friedrich Schiller, 1800-1801) - Carrie Collenberg(A fragment of) A True Story (from most recent history): The Truth in Schiller's Literary Prose Works - Jeffrey L. HighPlaying with the Rules: Schiller's Experiments in Short Prose Fiction, 1782-1789 - Nicholas MartinDiderot and Schiller's "Revenge": From Parisian Parody to German Moral Fiction - Otto W. JohnstonTrue Crime and Criminal Truth: Schiller's "The Criminal of Lost Honor" - Gail K. HartDer Geisterseher: A Princely Experiment or, the Creation of a "Spiritualist" - Dennis MahoneyChronological List of Schiller's Literary Prose Works in English Translation - Tanya Doss

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