Puṣpikā V: Tracing Ancient India, through Texts and Traditions: Contributions to Current Research in Indology [Paperback]

Heleene De Jonckheere(Editor); Marie-Hélène Gorisse(Editor); Agnieszka Rostalska(Editor)

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ISBN: 9781789252828 | Published by: Oxbow Books | Series: Puṣpikā | Volume: 5 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 176p, H9.44 x W6.7,
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Puṣpikā V


This volume is the outcome of the Ninth International Indology Graduate Research Symposium held at Ghent University in September 2017, the fifth publication of proceedings from this series of symposiums. Like previous volumes, the current edition presents the results of recent research by early-career scholars into the texts, languages, as well as literary, philosophical and religious traditions of South Asia. The articles here collected offer a broad range of disciplinary perspectives on a wide array of subject. In addition, in the lines of the well-established tradition of research in Jainism at Ghent University, this edition has a more specific “Jains and the others” main theme.

The purpose of such a theme is to contribute to determine the input of Jainism in the broader framework of South Asian traditions, as well as to invite the reader to think beyond boundaries of religious or cultural identity. In this dynamic, two papers deal with Jain adaptations of famous Puranic narratives and two others with the relation between textual tradition and soteriological practices in Jainism. In concert, other innovative papers elaborate on Puranic and kāvya literature, include technical discussions on linguistics and engage in philosophical studies. Finally, set in the historical context of the hosting institution, this volume opens with a history of Indology in Belgium.

Table of Contents


Christophe Vielle: A Brief History of Belgian Indology

Adrian Plau: ‘There was a city called Mithilā’. Are all Jain Rāmāyaṇas really Purāṇas?

Heleen De Jonckheere: Two Buddhists, Two Jackals and a Flying Stupa: Examination of the Buddhists in the Jain Dharmaparīkṣā

Lynna Dhanani: The importance of ritual technology and liberation as reflected in the hymns of the Jain scholarmonk Hemacandra

Samani Pratibha Pragya: Blurring the Distinction between Dhyāna and Svādhyāya in Jayācārya’s Writings on Meditation

Chiara Livio: Devotee, King and Creator. The Poet Kailāsa in Śrīkaṇṭhacarita IV

Amandine Wattelier-Bricout: Original aspect, impact and spread of the tree-adoption ritual through the perspective of Dharmanibandha’s authors

Yūto Kawamura: The Vedic idáṃ bhū-Construction as a Precursor of the Compound Type x-bhūta

Yiming Shen: The paribhāṣā - yadāgamās tadguṇībhūtās tadgrahaṇena gṛhyante in the Paribhāṣāvṛtti of Nīlakaṇṭha Dīkṣita

Karl-Stéphan Bouthillette: Reconsidering the Sarva-siddhānta-saṅgraha: Autorship, Doxography and Pedagogy

Sudeep Raj Kumar: The deconstruction of Mental Phenomenon in the Abhidhammattha Saṅgaha

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