Manuscript and Print in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain: Essays in Honour of Professor Julia Boffey [Hardback]

Tamara Atkin(Editor); Jaclyn Rajsic(Editor); A S G Edwards(Contributor); Alfred Hiatt(Contributor); Barry A Windeatt(Contributor)

ISBN: 9781843845317 | Published by: D.S. Brewer | Year of Publication: 2019 | 303p, H9.25 x W6.25, 12 b/w.
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Manuscript and Print in Late Medieval and Early Modern Britain


The production, transmission, and reception of texts from England and beyond during the late medieval and early renaissance periods are the focus of this volume. Chapters consider the archives and the material contexts in which texts were produced, read, and re-read; the history of specific manuscripts and early printed books; and some of the continuities and changes in literary and book production, dissemination, and reception in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Responding to Professor Julia Boffey's pioneering work on medieval and early Tudor material and literary culture, they cover a range of genres - from practical texts written in Latin to works of Middle English poetryand prose, both secular and religious - and examine an assortment of different reading contexts: lay, devotional, local, regional, and national.

TAMARA ATKIN is Senior Lecturer in Late Medieval and Early RenaissanceLiterature, and JACLYN RAJSIC is Lecturer in Medieval Literature, at the School of English and Drama, Queen Mary University of London.

Contributors: Laura Ashe, Priscilla Bawcutt, Martin Camargo, Margaret Connolly, Robert R. Edwards, A.S.G. Edwards, Susanna Fein, Joel Grossman, Alfred Hiatt, Pamela M. King, Matthew Payne, Derek Pearsall, Corinne Saunders, Barry Windeatt, R.F. Yeager.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Tamara Atkin and Jaclyn Rajsic
Gower's 'Epistle to Archbishop Arundel': The Evidence of Oxford, All Souls College, MS 98 - Robert F. Yeager
From Oxford to Eton with Master John Maunshull: Teaching the Tria sunt in Bodleian Library MS Laud misc. 707 - Martin Camargo
Gavin Douglas, Aesthetic Organisation, and Individual Distraction - Pamela M. King
Gavin Douglas's Eneados: the 1553 Edition, and its Early Owners and Readers - Priscilla Bawcutt
Caxton and the Crown: The Evidence from the Exchequer of Receipt Reconsidered - Matthew Payne
Late-Medieval Books of Hours and their Early-Tudor Readers in and Around London - Margaret Connolly
London, British Library, MS Harley 367 and the Antiquarian Ideals of John Stow - Joel Grossman
Writing Revelation: The Book of Margery Kempe - Corinne Saunders
'What strange ruins': Reading Back to Thebes - Robert R. Edwards
Tyre in Africa: Dido's Flight and Sallust's Jugurtha - Alfred Hiatt
Trinitarian Piety and Married Chastity in The Pistel of Swete Susan - Susanna Fein
True Image? Alternative Veronicas in Late Medieval England - Barry A Windeatt
The cureless wound: Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, and the Poetry of Blood - Laura Ashe
Afterword - Derek Pearsall
Julia Boffey: A Bibliography - A S G Edwards

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