The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 40 [Paperback]

Theodore F. Rippey(Editor)

ISBN: 9780985195632 | Published by: Camden House | Series: Brecht Yearbook | Year of Publication: 2016 | 264p, H9 x W6, 21 black and white, 1 line drawing
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The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 40


Now published for the International Brecht Society by Camden House under the Society's editorship, the Brecht Yearbook is the central scholarly forum for discussion of the life and work of Bertolt Brecht and of aspects of theater and literature that were of particular interest to him, especially the politics of literature and theater in a global context. The Yearbook welcomes a wide variety of perspectives and approaches, and, like Brecht himself, it is committed to the use value of literature, theater, and theory.
Volume 40 features new research on Brechtian concepts of temporality (Matthias Rothe) and the apparatus (Thomas Pekar), as well as articles on the "Bilder aus der Kriegsfibel" (Arnold Pistiak), the poem "Die Nachtlager" (Klaus-Dieter Krabiel), Brecht and Peruvian theater (Carlos Vargas-Salgado), early Brecht productions in Australia (Laura Ginters), and Brecht and Karl Kraus (Jost Hermand). Biographically oriented pieces focus on Brecht and the Chinese author Feng Zhi (Lin Cheng) and an unpublished letter to Brecht from 1918 (Jürgen Hillesheim). Special contents include a portfolio of drawings by Dieter Goltzsche, with a brief introduction by the artist, a tribute to Sara Joffré, a brief set of texts related to the exchanges between Hanns Eisler and Hans Bunge, introduced by Sabine Berendse, and an open letter to Brecht from Hans-Thies Lehmann and Helene Varopoulou.

Theodore F. Rippey is Associate Professor of German at Bowling Green State University.

Table of Contents

Tribute: Sara Joffré, Soul of Peruvian Theater - Carlos Vargas-Salgado
Brechtbrief / Letter to Brecht - Hans-Thies Lehmann and Helene Varopoulou
24h DURCHEINANDER / 24h MUDDLE - Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke
Erinnerungen an das Brecht-Theater - Dieter Goltzsche
The Temporality of Critique: Bertolt Brecht's Fragment Jae Fleischhacker in Chikago (1924-1929) - Matthias Rothe
Apparate und Korper: Überlegungen zu Bertolt Brechts Radiolehrstück Der Ozeanflug - Thomas Pekar
Wer ist Oscar? Ein unveröffentlichter Brief an Brecht vom 12. Juni 1918 aus schottischer Kriegsgefangenschaft - Jurgen Hillesheim
"leg das buch nicht nieder, der du das liesest, mensch": Brechts Gedicht "Die Nachtlager" - Klaus-Dieter Krabiel
Übersehen oder verbannt? Hanns Eislers Bilder aus der Kriegsfibel - Arnold Pistiak
Framing Two Accompaniments to Brecht, Music and Culture: Hanns Eisler in Conversation with Hans Bunge - Sabine Berendse
Hanns Eisler Gespräche mit Hans Bunge: Fragen Sie mehr über Brecht - Georg Knepler
Memories of Hans Bunge: on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday, 3 December 2009 - Manfred Bierwisch
Das "Wiedersehen": Der chinesische Dichter und Germanist Feng Zhi und Bertolt Brecht - Lin Cheng
Brechtian Challenges to Theater Artists during the Internal War in Peru - Carlos Vargas-Salgado
"Good Woman should have been done in one of our big theaters long before this": Brecht, the Students, and the Making of the New Wave of Australian Theater - Laura Ginters
Mark Twain's "Magnanimous-Incident" Hero and Bertolt Brecht's Der gute Mensch von Sezuan - Cora Lee Kluge
Navid Kermani's Literary Reflections: On Kafka, Brecht, and the Koran - Vera Stegmann
Karl Kraus und Bertolt Brecht: Über die Vergleichbarkeit des Unvergleichlichen - Jost Hermand
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