The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 41 [Paperback]

Theodore F. Rippey(Editor)

ISBN: 9780985195649 | Published by: Camden House | Series: Brecht Yearbook | Volume: Volume 41 | Year of Publication: 2017 | 326p, H9 x W6, 16 black and white
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The Brecht Yearbook / Das Brecht-Jahrbuch 41


Now published for the International Brecht Society by Camden House, the Brecht Yearbook is the central scholarly forum for discussion of Bertolt Brecht's life and work and of topics of particular interest to Brecht, especially the politics of literature and of theater in a global context. It includes a wide variety of perspectives and approaches, and, like Brecht himself, is committed to the concept of the use value of literature, theater, and theory.

Volume 41 features an interview with longtime Berliner Ensemble actor Annemone Haase by Margaret Setje-Eilers. A special section on teaching Brecht, guest-edited by Per Urlaub and Kristopher Imbrigotta, includes articles on creative appropriation in the foreign-language classroom (Caroline Weist), satire in Arturo Ui and The Great Dictator (Ari Linden), performative discussion (Cohen Ambrose), Brecht for theater majors (Daniel Smith), teaching performance studies with the Lehrstück model (Ian Maxwell), Verfremdung and ethics (Elena Pnevmonidou), Brecht on the college stage (Julie Klassen and Ruth Weiner), and methods of teaching Brechtian Stückschreiben (Gerd Koch). Other research articles focus on Harry Smith's Mahagonny (Marc Silberman), inhabiting empathy in the contemporary piece Temping (James Ball), Brecht's appropriation of Kurt Lewin's psychology (Ines Langemeyer), and Brecht's collaborations with women, both across his career (Helen Fehervary) and in exile in Skovsbostrand (Katherine Hollander).

Editor Theodore F. Rippey is Associate Professor of German at Bowling Green State University.

Table of Contents

From Page to Stage and Classroom to Community: Teaching Brecht in the Twenty-First Century - Kristopher Imbrigotta and Per Urlaub
Playing Brecht: Creative Appropriation in the Foreign Language Classroom - Caroline Weist
Teaching to Interrupt: Satire in Brecht's Arturo Ui and Chaplin's The Great Dictator - Ari Linden
Performative Discussion: Practicing Brechtian Praxis in the Classroom - Cohen Ambrose
Brecht for Theater Majors: Teaching Epic Theater in a Play Analysis Course - Daniel Smith
Teaching Performance Studies with Brecht's Lehrstu?ck Model: The Measures Taken - Ian Maxwell
Verfremdung and Ethics in Brecht's Der Jasager / Der Neinsager - Elena Pnevmonidou
Staging Brecht at Carleton: Students as Actors at a Liberal Arts College - Julie Klassen and Ruth Weiner
Studieren und über Vertrautes staunen: Brechtsches Stückeschreiben durch Forschen und Bilden und Darstellen - Gerd Koch
42 Jahre Berliner Ensemble: Gespräch mit Annemone Haase, 23. Juni 2016 in ihrer Wohnung in Berlin - Margaret Setje-Eilers
Art Instead of Romance: Brecht's Collaborations with Women - Helen Fehervary
Collaboration, Exile, and the Quotidian: Community on the Svendborg Sound, 1933-1939 - Katherine Hollander
Brechts Adaptionen der Psychologie Kurt Lewins und ihre Weiterentwicklung fürs epische Theater - Ines Langemeyer
Harry Smith and Mahagonny - Marc Silberman
Inhabiting Empathy: Locating the Verfremdungseffekt in an Era of Immersion - James R, Ball III

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