Latin American Popular Culture: Politics, Media, Affect [Hardback]

Geoffrey Kantaris(Editor); Rory O'Bryen(Editor); Geoffrey Kantaris(Contributor); Francisco Ortega(Contributor); Joanna Page(Contributor)

ISBN: 9781855662643 | Published by: Tamesis Books | Series: Monografías A | Volume: 327 | Year of Publication: 2013 | 314p, H9.25 x W6.25, 15 b/w.
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Latin American Popular Culture


Popular culture has always represented a fulcrum within social, cultural and anthropological discourses in Latin America. Often imagined as representing a challenge to the dominant cultural paradigms of the "lettered city", it has repeatedly been mapped onto political, economic and even libidinal boundaries - between country and city, between folk and street, between the "masses" and elite national/political structures. Yet at the turn of the 21st century, concepts such as the "folk", the "popular", the "mass" and the "multitude" have exploded in the face of new cultural and informational technologies, putting cinematic, televisual and cybernetic manifestations of popular cultureat the forefront of social processes.
In order to address the fragile contemporaneity of popular culture in Latin America, the essays in this collection engage with a wide range of cultural phenomena, from forms of mass political experience in the Colonial and Independence periods, to the modern-day emergence of street art, blogs, comic books and television, as well as the recycling of refuse as art, the marketing of santería to tourists, and the filming of poverty in the favela. In so doing, they explore the diverse regimes of affect that both sustain and destabilize national symbolic orders, and chart the novel mediations between the national and the global in a see-sawingclimate of conflicting economic and political ideologies.

Geoffrey Kantaris is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

Rory O'Bryen is a University Lecturer at the University of Cambridge.

Contributors: Francisco Ortega, Joanna Page, Stephen Hart, Erica Segre, Jesús Martín Barbero, Lúcia Sá, Chandra Morrison, Claire Taylor, Andrea Noble, Ed King.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Fragile Contemporaneity of the Popular - Geoffrey Kantaris
And Where Are the People? Genealogies of the Pueblo during the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries - Francisco Ortega
Folk Tales and Fabulation in Lucrecia Martel's Films - Joanna Page
How Popular is Cuban Popular Culture? - Stephen M. Hart
'El convertible no convertible': Reconsidering Refuse and Disjecta Aesthetics in Contemporary Cuban Art - Erica Segre
Narratives of Identity and Media Genres - Jesús Martín Barbero
Filming Favelas: Space, Gender, and Everyday Life in Cidade de Deus and Antônia - Lúcia Sá
Colouring Pollution: 'Cleaning' the City and 'Recycling' Social Values in Sao Paulo Street Art - Chandra Morrison
Blogging from the Margins: Grassroots Activism and Mass Media Forms in the Hiperbarrio Project - Claire Taylor
Affect, Politics and the Production of The People: Meditations on the Río Magdalena - Rory O'Bryen
The Politics of Emotion in the Mexican Revolution: The Tears of Pancho Villa - Andrea Noble
Memory and Affective Technologies in the Argentine Comic Book Series Cybersix - Ed King
List of Contributors - Geoffrey Kantaris

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