Medieval Brewing [Paperback]

Barbara S. Bowers (Editor)

Published by: Association Villard de Honnecourt for the Interdisciplinary Study of Technology, Science, and Art | Series: Avista Forum Journal | Volume: 21.1/2 | Year of Publication: 2011 | Language: English 87p, color illus
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Medieval Brewing


A special topic issue of AVISTA Forum Journal. Contents include: an Epistemology of Medieval Brewing: Evidence, inference, and the educated guess; Exploring the St. Paul’s Domesday Ale Recipe: Medieval brewing praxis and modern recreation; The Alewife: Changing images and bad brews; The Role of Drinking Horns in Medieval England; Gruit and the Preservation of Beer in the Middle Ages; Monastic Asceticism and the Rationalization of Beer Making in the Middle Ages; Ale Production and Consumption in Late Medieval England, c.1250–1530: Evidence from manorial estates; Beer: Necessity or luxury?

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