An Intellectual Adventurer in Archaeology: Reflections on the work of Charles Thomas [Paperback]

Andy M Jones(Editor); Henrietta Quinnell(Editor)

ISBN: 9781784918613 | Published by: Archaeopress Archaeology | Year of Publication: 2018 | 304p, H11.5 x W8, Illustrated throughout in color and black & white
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An Intellectual Adventurer in Archaeology: Reflections on the work of Charles Thomas


Charles Thomas (1928-2016) was a Cornishman and archaeologist, whose career from the 1950s spanned nearly seven decades. This period saw major developments that underpin the structures of archaeology in Britain today, in many of which he played a pivotal part. He campaigned for the Chair of Cornish Studies at the University of Exeter, which he then held from 1972 until retirement, after teaching archaeology at Edinburgh and Leicester Universities. The ‘Intellectual Adventure in Archaeology’ was to Charles the mental stimulation of developing narratives for the past, especially in the areas in which he was a leading authority, including the early church in Britain, the early medieval period more generally, and Cornish studies. The contributions to this volume demonstrate the extent to which his scholarship and character has underpinned the work of others, in Cornwall and beyond. Contributions come from life-long friends and from archaeologists at all of stages of their careers. Their subjects are predominantly Cornish, Gwithian, Tintagel and Scilly, but also range from Scotland to Southern France. The whole is brought to life by a series of Charles’ watercolours, previously unpublished. The volume should appeal to all those interested in the development of archaeology in the later 20th century and of Cornwall from prehistory to its distinctive present.

Table of Contents

Foreword – by Caroline Dudley

Andy M Jones and Henrietta Quinnell – A miscellany of papers

Nicholas Johnson – Charles Thomas 1928–2016: The sixty-year archaeological adventure of a Cornish polymath

Andy M Jones – To the North Cliffs!

Roger Mercer – Looking at the Cornish Early Neolithic from all directions

Vanessa Straker and Thomas Walker – Gwithian’s environmental history: Landscape change and farming

Henrietta Quinnell – Before the Early Christian cemetery site on Lundy Island

Jacqueline A Nowakowski – Working in the shadows of the giants: Charles Thomas, Courtenay Arthur Ralegh Radford (and King Arthur) – past and current archaeological fieldwork at Tintagel, Cornwall

Charles Thomas† and Charles Johns – Archaeological investigations on Teän, Isles of Scilly, 1956

Ewan Campbell and Adrián Maldonado – Charles Thomas in North Britain: A career in the making

Anna Tyacke – My memorial stone to Charles

Ann Preston-Jones – St Piran’s Cross: A Cornish Icon Re-considered

Thomas Goskar – A little less mute: 3D capture and enhancement of Cornwall's inscribed and decorated stones

Oliver Padel – The name of Annet (Scilly)

Peter Fowler – Deserted Settlement in an Antique land: Elements of a post-Roman field archaeology on le Causee Méjean, Languedoc, France

Martin Bell – Coastal Archaeology in South West England: Charles Thomas and other inspirations

Timothy Darvill – Lift up mine eyes unto the hills: Archaeology and the uplands

Nick Thomas – Antony Charles Thomas, the bard of Manton

Mary-Jane Mountain – Charlie: Excavations and archaeology at the University of Edinburgh 1957-1967.

Arthur ApSimon – Remembering…

Adrian Rodda and Christopher Knowles – Memories of the Gwithian excavations

Anna Lawson-Jones – ‘The weather’s fine! Do you fancy a trip to the flint fields?’

John Gould – Charles Thomas and Church Archaeology in Cornwall: Reminiscences of a Diocesan Archaeologist

Adam Sharpe – Charles Thomas: Linguistic archaeologist

Freya-Lawson-Jones – From Gwithian to York: A short saga

Philip Marsden – End note: A man of letters

The Complete Bibliography of Charles Antony Thomas – compiled by Nicholas Johnson

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