San Vincenzo al Volturno 1: The 1980-86 Excavations, Part 1 [Paperback]

Richard Hodges(Author)

ISBN: 9780904152241 | Published by: British School at Rome | Series: Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome | Volume: 7 | Year of Publication: 1993 | Language: English 215 b/w illus and 23 col plates.
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San Vincenzo al Volturno 1


This is the first of a number of volumes describing the 1980-86 excavations at the early medieval Benedictine abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno in central Italy. This volume gives a general introduction to this important project, a description of the archaeological remains, and then detailed accounts of the excavation of the Carolingian Crypt Church, the `South Church', the Refectory, the Garden Court and the Entrance Hall. Also included is a reappraisal of the cycle of paintings in the crypt in the light of the excavations.

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