Tomb and Temple: Re-imagining the Sacred Buildings of Jerusalem [Hardback]

Robin Griffith-Jones(Editor); Eric Fernie(Editor)

ISBN: 9781783272808 | Published by: Boydell Press | Series: Boydell Studies in Medieval Art and Architecture | Volume: Volume 13 | Year of Publication: 2018 | 558p, H9.5 x W6.75, 68 color, 124 black and white
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Tomb and Temple


Jerusalem - earthly and heavenly, past, present and future - has always informed the Christian imagination: it is the intersection of the divine and human worlds, of time and eternity. Since the fourth century, it has been the site of the round Church of the Holy Sepulchre, built over the empty tomb acknowledged by Constantine as the tomb of Christ. Nearly four hundred years later, the Sepulchre's rotunda was rivalled by the octagon of the Dome of the Rock. The city itself and these two glorious buildings within it remain, to this day, the focus of pilgrimage and of intense devotion.
Jerusalem and its numinous buildings have been distinctively re-imagined and re-presented in the design, topography, decoration and dedications of some very striking and beautiful churches and cities in Western Europe, Russia, the Caucasus and Ethiopia. Some are famous, others are in the West almost unknown. The essays In this richly illustrated book combine to do justice to these evocative buildings' architecture, roles and history.
The volume begins with an introduction to the Sepulchre itself, from its construction under Constantine to the Crusaders' rebuilding which survives to this day. Chapters follow on the Dome of the Rock and on the later depiction and signifcance of the Jewish Temple. The essays then move further afeld, uncovering the links between Jerusalem and Byzantium, the Caucasus, Russia and Ethiopia. Northern Europe comes finally into focus, with chapters on Charlemagne's chapel at Aachen, the role of the military orders in spreading the form of the Sepulchre, a gazetteer of English rounds, and studies of London's New Temple.

ROBIN GRIFFITH-JONES is Master of the Temple at the Temple Church in London and Senior Lecturer (Theology and Religious Studies) at King's College London. He co-edited The Temple Church in London with David Park (2010). ERIC FERNIE is Director Emeritus of The Courtauld Institute of Art, London.

Contributors: Alan Borg, Antony Eastmond, David Ekserdjian, Eric Fernie, Jaroslav Folda, Emmanuel Fritsch, Michael Gervers, Robin Griffith-Jones, Nicole Hamonic, Cecily Hennessy, Robert Hillenbrand, Catherine E. Hundley, Philip J. Lankester, Robin Milner-Gulland, Robert Ousterhout, David W. Phillipson, Denys Pringle, Sebastian Salvad.

Table of Contents

Public, private and political Devotion: Re-presenting the Sepulchre - Robin Griffith-Jones
The Building of the Holy Sepulchre - Robin Griffith-Jones
The Crusader Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Denys Pringle
The Crusader Church of the Holy Sepulchre: Design, Depiction and the Pilgrim Church of Compostela - Jaroslav Folda
Medieval Muslim Veneration of the Dome of the Rock - Robert Hillenbrand
The Temple as Symbol, the Temple as Metaphor: contrasting Eastern and Western Re-imaginings - Robert Ousterhout
Spiral Columns and the Temple of Solomon - Eric C Fernie
Raphael's Marriage of the Virgin and the Temple at Jerusalem in the Italian Renaissance Imagination - David Ekserdjian
'I have defeated you, Solomon' - Robin Griffith-Jones
Saint James the Just: Sacral Topgraphy in Jerusalem and Constantinople - Cecily Hennessy
Jerusalems in the Caucasus? - Antony Eastmond
Holy Russia and the 'Jerusalem Idea' - Robin Milner-Gulland
Jerusalem and the Ethiopian Church: the Evidence of Roha (Lalibela) - David W. Phillipson
The Origins and Meaning of the Ethiopian Circular Church: Fresh Explorations - Emmanuel Fritsch
Arculf's Circles, Aachen's Octagon, Germigny's Cube: Three Riddles from Northern Europe - Robin Griffith-Jones
Representations of the Holy Sepulchre - Eric C Fernie
The Military Orders and the Idea of the Holy Sepulchre - Alan Borg
The English Round Church Movement - Catherine E. Hundley
The Use and Meaning of the Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century Round Churches of England - Michael Gervers
Jerusalem in London: the New Temple Church - Nicole Hamonic
Commemorating the Rotunda in the Round: The Medieval Latin Liturgy of the Holy Sepulchre and its Performance in the West - Sebastian Salvado
The Temple Church in the Crusades - Robin Griffith-Jones
Epilogue - Robin Griffith-Jones

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