Anglo-Norman Studies XLI: Proceedings of the Battle Conference 2018 [Hardback]

Elizabeth van Houts(Editor)

ISBN: 9781783273997 | Published by: Boydell Press | Series: Anglo-Norman Studies | Volume: Volume 41 | Year of Publication: 2019 | Language: English 241p, H9.25 x W6.25, 6 black and white, 10 line drawing
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Anglo-Norman Studies XLI


This year's volume continues to demonstrate the vitality of scholarship in this area, across a variety of disciplines. There is a particular focus on the material culture of the Norman Conquest of England and its aftermath, from study of horses and knights to its archaeologies to castle construction and the representation of a chanson de geste on an Italian church faade. The volume also includes papers on royal and private authority in Anglo-Saxon England; the relationship between Anglo-Norman rulers and their neighbours; intellectual history; priests' wives; and noble lepers.

Contributors: Sabina Flanagan, Hazel Freestone, Sally Harvey, Tom Lambert, Aleksandra McClain, Nicholas Paul, Charlotte Pickard, David Pratt, Richard Purkiss, David Roffe, Nicolas Ruffini-Ronzani, Lucia Sinisi, Linda Stone, Naomi Sykes

Table of Contents

Horses, Knights and Tactics - Sally Harvey
Baldwin of Forde, Bartholomew of Exeter and the Authorship of the
Liber de sectis hereticorum et orthodoxe fidei dogmata - Sabina Flanagan
Evidence of the Ordinary: Wives and Children of the Clergy in Normandy and England,1050-1150 - Hazel Freestone
Anthropology, feud and
De obsessione Dunelmi - Tom Lambert
New Archaeologies of the Norman Conquest - Aleks McClain
New Archaeologies of the Norman Conquest - Naomi Sykes
An Angevin Imperial Context for the Amboise-Anjou Historical Narratives Program - Nicholas L. Paul
The Noble Leper: Responses to Leprosy in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries - Charlotte Pickard
Royal Taxation in Eleventh-century England and Ninth-century West Francia: Liability, Assessment and Written Record - David Pratt
Early Royal Rights in the Liberty of St Edmund - Richard Purkiss
Castle Construction, Conquest and Compensation - David Roffe
Four Scenes from the Chanson de Roland on the Faade of the Cathedral of Barletta (southern Italy) - Lucia Sinisi
'The Jews are our Donkeys': Anti-Jewish Polemic in Twelfth-Century French Vernacular Exegesis - Linda Stone

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