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  1. Faversham in the Making

    Faversham in the Making: The Early Years: The Ice Ages until AD 1550 [Paperback]

    Patricia Reid(Author); Michael Frohnsdorff(Author); Duncan Harrington(Author)

    Regular Price: $39.99

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    ISBN: 9781911188353
    Published by : Windgather Press
    Well known for its later gunpowder industry and the famous Sheherd Neame brewery, Faversham’s earlier medieval history also reveals it to have been an important religious and administrative center. The town archives possess ... .... Learn More
  2. Seals and Status

    Seals and Status: Power of objects [Paperback]

    John Cherry(Editor); Jessica Berenbeim(Editor); Lloyd de Beer(Editor)


    ISBN: 9780861592135
    Published by : British Museum
    Series: British Museum Research Publications
    Volume: 213
    For 7,000 years seals have functioned as signs of authority. This publication deals specifically with aspects of status in the history of seals, exploring this theme across a diverse range of cultural contexts—from the 9th c... .... Learn More
  3. The Wealth of England

    The Wealth of England: The Medieval Wool trade and Its Political Importance 1100–1600 [Hardback]

    Susan Rose(Author)


    ISBN: 9781785707360
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    The wool trade was undoubtedly one of the most important elements of the British economy throughout the medieval period - even the seat occupied by the speaker of the House of lords rests on a woolsack. In The Wealth of England Su... .... Learn More
  4. Turnier

    Turnier: 1000 Jahre Ritterspiele [Hardback]

    Matthias Pfaffenbichler (Author); Stefan Krause (Author)


    ISBN: 9783777428796
    Published by : Hirmer Verlag GmbH
    - .... Learn More
  5. Crossing Boundaries

    Crossing Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Art, Material Culture, Language and Literature of the Early Medieval World [Hardback]

    Eric Cambridge (Editor); Jane Hawkes (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785703072
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Interdisciplinary studies are increasingly widely recognised as being among the most fruitful approaches to generating original perspectives on the medieval past. In this major collection of 27 papers, contributors transcend traditional disciplina... .... Learn More
  6. Transformation in Anglo-Saxon Culture

    Transformation in Anglo-Saxon Culture: Toller Lectures on Art, Archaeology and Text [Paperback]

    Charles Insley (Editor); Gale R. Owen-Crocker (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785704970
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    The five authoritive papers presented here are the product of long careers of research into Anglo-Saxon culture. In detail the subject areas and approaches are very different, yet all are cross-disciplinary and the same texts and artefacts weave t... .... Learn More
  7. Social complexity in early medieval rural communities

    Social complexity in early medieval rural communities: The north-western Iberia archaeological record [Paperback]

    Juan Antonio Quiros Castillo (Editor)


    ISBN: 9781784915087
    Published by : Archaeopress Archaeology
    This book presents an overview of the results of the research project DESPAMED funded by the Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness. The aim of the book is to discuss the theoretical challenges posed by the study of socia... .... Learn More
  8. Cod and Herring

    Cod and Herring: The Archaeology and History of Medieval Sea Fishing [Paperback]

    James H. Barrett(Editor); David C. Orton(Editor)


    ISBN: 9781785702396
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    Quests for cod, herring and other sea fish had profound impacts on medieval Europe. This interdisciplinary book combines history, archaeology and zooarchaeology to discover the chronology, causes and consequences of these fisherie... .... Learn More
  9. A Medieval Woman's Companion

    A Medieval Woman's Companion: Women's Lives in the European Middle Ages [Paperback]

    Susan Signe Morrison (Author)


    ISBN: 9781785700798
    Published by : Oxbow Books
    2016 Foreword INDIES Award Winner in 3 Categories:
    -Bronze: Women's Studies
    -Honorable Mention: History
    -Honorable Mention: Young Adult Nonfiction

    What have a deaf nun, the... .... Learn More
  10. A Catalogue of the Late Antique Gold Glass in the British Museum

    A Catalogue of the Late Antique Gold Glass in the British Museum [Paperback]

    Daniel Howells (Author)


    ISBN: 9780861591985
    Published by : British Museum Press
    Series: British Museum Research Publication
    Volume: 198
    A key publication on the British Museum’s internationally renowned Late Antique gold glass collection, this is the first publication in 50 years to offer new ideas on Late Antique gold glass, one of the most important areas ... .... Learn More

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