Method & Theory

Industrial Archaeology
This Handbook provides an informative and accessible guide to the industrial remains of the UK. It is essential reading for anyone with an interest in our industrial heritage, giving concise summaries of the history of different industries, together with descriptions of the structures and below-ground remains likely to be encountered.
Gardens in History

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Over the past 50 years, the subject of garden history has been firmly established as an academic discipline. While many have explored what was created in gardens throughout history, the reasons as to why they were created has naturally been more diverse.
Sharing Knowledge and Cultural Heritage
Sharing Knowledge & Cultural Heritage (SK&CH), First Nations of the Americas, testifies to the growing commitment of museum professionals in the twenty-first century to share collections with the descendants of people and communities from whom the collections originated.
The Death of Archaeological Theory?

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The Death of Archaeological Theory? addresses the provocative subject of whether it is time to discount the burden of somewhat dogmatic theory and ideology that has defined archaeological debate and shaped archaeology over the last 25 years.
Community Archaeology
Community Archaeology is an assessment of the aims, results and validity of the broad spectrum of community archaeology initiatives taking place today.